Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2321

Matriarch Farrell had benefited his Janzen family, but because of Matriarch Farrell’s majesty, his Janzen family always behaved
with their tails between their legs, keeping a low profile.
Holden was even more humble in front of his wife, Matriarch Farrell, more like a servant than a servant.
All these made Holden dissatisfied in his heart, so he could only pin all his hopes on his daughter.
Holden said: “Shiloh, Dad can’t change what your mother said. You go to your mother and tell her that Dad really can’t help it.
You didn’t hear Kathryn say that I’m the man your mother married. What kind of family status does a man marry?”
Shiloh: “dad.”
Holden said helplessly: “Shiloh, Dad really has nothing to do. You know what status Dad has in the family.”
Shiloh pouted.
She knew her father was telling the truth.
In Farrell’s family, her adoptive father had no right to speak.
In the study on the second floor, Matriarch Farrell was already sitting at the desk. When Kathryn came in, she said, “Close the
door and lock it.”
Kathryn complied.
“Why did the car break down?” Matriarch Farrell asked.
Kathryn: “Being tampered with.”
Matriarch Farrell leaned back on the chair and asked her daughter, “Is there anyone you suspect?”
Kathryn: “I can’t think of anyone else except my dad, my brothers and sisters-in-law, and your beloved Shiloh.”
After hearing her daughter’s answer, Matriarch Farrell was not angry, but after a moment of silence, she said: “Mom’s feelings for
Shiloh are very complicated now, but the rules of our Farrell family cannot be changed.”
It was meant to show Kathryn that she would be in charge of the Farrell family after Matriarch Farrell retired.

Kathryn: “Mom, you should let Shiloh go back to her home.”
Matriarch Farrell smiled, “Kathryn, if you are not your own, you will never be your own. She is still useful. At least she can
practice your sword for you. Let’s keep it for now.”
Sometimes, when she got angry, she would speak harsh words to Shiloh, but in the end she still kept Shiloh.
A biological daughter couldn’t have smooth sailing, even the master of success couldn’t do it.
She also counted on her daughter to be better and more powerful than her.
At least for the time being, Kathryn was a very business-minded person who acted calmly and steadily, and was her ideal
Sometimes, matriarch Farrell would think that if her daughter hadn’t been replaced more than 20 years ago, and Kathryn had
been raised by her as her successor since she was a child, now Kathryn would definitely be able to head the family, and she
would be able to retire and live a relaxed retirement day.
Sitting in the position of Matriarch, one could gain a lot, but also lose a lot.
Maybe it’s because she’s getting older, but Matriarch Farrell has been thinking about her parents and sisters a lot lately.
Especially her elder sister.
She was brought up by the eldest sister, who loved her the most, and the younger sister was also the closest to her second
sister, but for her ambition, she broke the sisterhood with her own hands.
Now, she regretted, but unfortunately, there was no medicine for regret, let alone turning back time.
Kathryn: “Besides them, I still suspect Mom.”
Matriarch Farrell froze for a moment, then smiled and said, “Before you find out, everyone can be the object of your suspicion.
Get someone to investigate. As long as there is evidence, Mom will stand by your side.
You and Young Master Queen, it’s really impossible? Why do I think that you two are destined for each other? You often meet
him, and he treats you differently.”

Matriarch Farrell really appreciated Hayden.

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