Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2324

Matriarch Farrell continued: “Her facial features are a bit similar to ours, but her behavior is not the same. She is limp. The blood
of my Farrell family is clearly flowing on her body. Why is she so limp? I am getting older every year, and I don’t know when she
will be able to take the lead. I can step back and enjoy my grandchildren with you.
Daughters-in-law don’t know when they can add a granddaughter to us. I hope that the first grandchild will be a granddaughter. If
I have a granddaughter, I can rest assured. If Kathryn can’t do it, I can cultivate my granddaughter to take over while I can live
another ten or twenty years.”
After hearing what his wife said, Holden was thinking again.
It was better for a daughter to be the master of the house than a granddaughter to be the master of the house, but the daughter
did not grow up beside him, and the relationship between father and daughter was very thin.
Holden knew he had to keep his head down and act properly if Kathryn became the head of the Farrell family.
If the granddaughter took over as head of the Farrell family, he would be the old man, and the younger members of the family
would have to respect him. He might have a better life.
However, it was not easy to have a daughter in the Farrell family because females were not males.
Didn’t the couple just give birth to a daughter after fighting for several sons.
The family head of the previous generation had a good life, and even gave birth to two daughters.
A few generations later, it was easy for other families to have a daughter, but only he, the husband, and his wife had a daughter
after fighting for several sons.
Who knew if his sons would be able to conceive a daughter?
The old couple went downstairs, out of the main house, and wandered in the yard.
Holden returned to the topic just now, “You haven’t said what Kathryn did. You were in a good mood, but it was not good after
talking to Kathryn. Did she blame me, a father, for arranging a blind date for her?”
Matriarch Farrell: “That’s not true, it’s just that she did some things behind my back that made me unhappy, and my people
couldn’t collect strong evidence. It’s just a bit depressed.”

Matriarch Farrell was worried that if her biological daughter found out the truth, the relationship between mother and daughter
would break down.
Although Kathryn was weak on the surface, whether she was weak or not, Matriarch Farrell knew best in her heart.
And Kathryn’s three views were very upright.
If Kathryn had the ability to find out the truth, she would turn against her mother, and would not take over the Farrell family.
Sometimes, Matriarch Farrell thought that she would encounter heir problems in her later years, which was the retribution for
doing too many bad things when she was young.
The biological daughter’s three views were upright and she had a strong sense of justice. Maybe she would fall into the hands of
her biological daughter in the future.
Holden: “Kathryn is so powerful? I don’t think so. With her soft appearance, how could she have such abilities? I think it is due to
Mr. Fraser. Mr. Fraser was trained by your family. He is outstanding in all aspects, like the life assistant around you. I feel
palpitations when I see him.”
Holden continued: “I have advised you not to arrange Mr. Fraser with Kathryn too quickly. She grew up in the countryside, she
has no guts, no vision, and has never been in business before. How can you entrust everything to her all at once? If she can’t
control Mr. Fraser, what if Mr. Fraser turns her back?”
In Holden’s eyes, the life assistants around the head of the family were the most senior domestic servants.
Holden added: “Shiloh was brought up by us, you put so much effort into her, and I don’t see you handing over Mr. Fraser to her.”
If Mr. Fraser had followed Shiloh early, Kathryn would not have become stronger and stronger.
Matriarch Farrell sighed and said: “I’m old, I can’t last for many years, I have to make proper arrangements. Shiloh, after all, she
is not our biological daughter. The century-old family rules of the Farrell family cannot be changed.”
Holden curled his lips, changed the subject, and coaxed his wife to be happy.

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