Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2325

Kathryn didn’t know what her parents were talking about.
When she returned to her room, she sent a message to Mr. Fraser on her mobile phone, telling Mr. Fraser that her mother knew
about her going to Wiltspoon.
Mr. Fraser quickly replied to her.
“Miss, I’m sorry, I can’t do things well.”
Kathryn replied to him: “It’s normal for the life assistant next to my mother to be found out by him. You don’t need to blame
yourself. It’s just a small ticket, which proves that I have spent money in Wiltspoon. Such a result is already very serious. alright.”
Mr. Fraser was still blaming himself, he told Kathryn: “Miss, I’m not doing my job well, you can deduct my salary and bonus for
this month.”
Knowing Mr. Fraser’s character, Kathryn responded to him: “All your bonuses will be deducted this month, and your salary will
not be deducted. You still have to live. You can’t let me support you, can you?”
Mr. Fraser stared at the message Kathryn replied for a long time before replying to Kathryn: “Miss, I accept your punishment.”
He didn’t want the lady to support him, but he wanted to be the lady’s support, the most powerful support.
After this incident, Mr. Fraser realized that he was a little too confident in the past.
In front of matriarch Farrell’s capable generals, he was still a little tender.
No more words for one night.
The next day, Wiltspoon, Wildridge Manor on the top of the hill.
Zachary went downstairs while arranging his clothes.
Evan stood up from the sofa, watched his oldest brother come down the stairs, with a smile on his face, and asked Zachary: “Did
sister-in-law get up yet?”
Zachary: “It’s still early, let her sleep more. She is still lethargic.”

Lethargy is better than vomiting.
They were all pregnant, and Jasmine’s pregnancy reaction was very mild, almost negligible.
Seren would vomit in a mess every morning when she woke up, even vomited jaundice. Sometimes she vomited after meals.
She had a good appetite and could eat, but she vomited more often, she was a little afraid of vomiting now, and she had eaten
less in the past two days.
Zachary worried that his beloved wife would starve to death.
He cooked and prepared Serenity’s breakfast every day. She told him what she wanted to eat the night before, and he woke up
early the next morning to prepare it for her.
She worked hard to bear a child for him, and he couldn’t share the pain of childbearing for her, so he could only take good care
of her in life.
Zachary: “You came here so early, what’s the matter?”
The younger cousins respect Zachary as the elder brother very much, but Callum and Kevin were the ones he was most familiar
with in private, probably because of their similar age.
Zachary: “Come and see grandma.”
Evan smiled, “I also have something to ask grandma.”
It’s about his future half.
After witnessing the third elder brother running away, and finally having to go to Jensburg to chase his wife, Evan and Elian
resigned to their fate.
After grandma handed them the photos of their other half, Evan was unwilling and never thought of resisting.
What surprised him was that he had been having a lot of dreams recently, and the dreams he had were weird and all related to a
strange woman. That woman was not the wife his grandma had chosen for him.
Evan was tortured by that dream for a few days, and couldn’t help but come to see grandma.

Zachary hummed, “Grandma should be practicing Tai Chi in the backyard now, you go to the backyard to find out, I’ll prepare
breakfast for your sister-in-law first, do you want to stay for breakfast?”
Evan smiled, “Brother cooks for himself, so I’ll stay and eat with the cheek.”

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