Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2326

In the words of grandma, it was difficult for them to eat the meals cooked by the oldest brother, that is, if grandma dared to ask
the oldest brother to cook, they didn’t have the guts.
After having a sister-in-law, the oldest brother had become a frequent visitor in the kitchen, and they were all thanks to the sister-
If everyone went back to Wildridge Manor, as long as the sister-in-law said what she wanted to eat, the oldest brother would
prepare it immediately and try her best to satisfy the sister-in-law.
The oldest brother said to make his sister-in-law the envy of all women, and he did what he said.
Zachary entered the kitchen.
Evan stood where he was, and after two minutes of silence, he walked out of the main house and went to the backyard to look
for Grandma.
Grandma May was actually in the backyard, engaging in a solo square dance while listening to music rather than practicing Tai
Evan: “…”
He really hated square dancing.
When he became an adult, he went out to the society and bought a house in a certain community with the first pot of gold he
earned by his own ability. He thought that he would live there close to the company and commute conveniently.
As a result, the aunts in the community were dancing in the square sooner or later, and the sound was so loud that it was so
Other people in the community also tric to reason with the aunts, but it was usedless. They used exclosive method, such as
smashing Eggs, but they caused scolding and battles and could not solve the problem.
Aunts who dance in the square would even occupy the court and compete with the children for space.
Later, he couldn’t stand the noise, so he sold the house and went to buy a villa. Only by staying away from the unreasonable
aunts could his ears be quiet.

The villa area was also managed much better.
Seeing that their most beloved grandma was also dancing in the square, Evan was speechless.
Fortunately, Grandma May was only dancing in the backyard, and the sound is not too loud. His brother and sister-in-law couldn’t
hear them in the house, so it won’t disturb others.
Sensing that someone was watching her, Grandma May stopped dancing, turned her head to look, and saw that it was the fourth
grandson Evan, so she went to turn off the stereo.
Grandma May: “Evan, you came to see grandma so early.”
For Evan’s arrival, Grandma May seemed to be no exception at all.
Evan approached and smiled: “Grandma, I missed you, so I come and see you early. Grandma, why are you dancing in the
Grandma May: “I saw other people jumping, and after I learned it, I just danced in the backyard. It was used as an exercise. The
sound was not loud, and it wouldn’t disturb anyone. Your oldest brother’s house is big enough.”
As Grandma May spoke, she walked to a swing chair not far away and sat down.
Evan tactfully walked over, stood behind grandma, and helped grandma push the swing chair, with not too much strength.
Grandma May: “Evan, tell me, what’s the matter with running to find grandma early in the morning?”
Evan: “I just miss you, grandma.”
Grandma May: “You treat me like a scourge, you have no time to hide, and you won’t take the initiative to post it. You don’t need
to pretend in front of me. You are all grown up by me. I can know that you are going to be big or small when you curl your tail.”
Evan: “…It’s okay, but recently I have been having dreams, and they are all the same dream. In the dream, I am entangled with a
strange woman. She is not the girl you found for me, grandma.”
Grandma May turned her head and asked him, “Can you draw the woman in your dream?”
Evan immediately took out a piece of paper from his trouser pocket, and he handed it to grandma.

Evan: “Grandma, I guessed that you would ask this question. I drew it from the memory of my dream before I came.”
Grandma May took the piece of paper he handed over, unfolded it, and he drew a strange woman with a pencil.
“Well, the painting is not bad, it looks like the real thing, and your painting attainments have gone a step further.”
Grandma May praised her grandson for his good painting skills.

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