Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2330

However, the health of those wealthy old ladies was not as good as their grandma May’s. When Grandma May was old, she
often flew around by plane to carefully select wives for their brothers.
Well, they were unfilial.
Evan slandered in his heart that if his grandma hadn’t given the task, even if he wanted to get married, he would have to wait
until he was thirty-five, and he wouldn’t have gotten married at the age of 28 or 29.
Although he was envious of the happy marriage of his brother and sister-in-law, but he preferred to be free and unrestrained.
Grandma May probably saw through their minds and knew that it was up to them to choose, and they would not get married until
they were in their thirties, so she gave them a task.
Zachary: “Grandma can also exercise by dancing square dance, and dancing at home will not affect others.”
Zachary had long known that grandma went outside to learn square dance from those aunts who danced square dance.
Grandma May had been unrestrained and unrestrained all her life, doing whatever she wants, without being restricted by her
Their children and grandchildren also hoped that grandma would be happy. As long as they could make grandma happy, they
would support what she wanted to do.
Zachary: “What are you looking for grandma?”
Evan entered the kitchen. He whispered: “I want grandma to spare me. I really don’t want to get married so early. The original
plan was to get married at the age of 35. Grandma has given me a goal now. I will be 29 when the one-year deadline ends. A
few years earlier than my original plan.”
Zachary chuckled, “You have been with grandma for 28 years, and you still don’t understand grandma’s temper? You just do
things that are wasted effort.”
Zachary thought there was a lesson from grandma from the past that Evan and Elian would honestly accept the goals set by
grandma, and it turned out that Evan was also trying to get rid of it.
Kevin took half a year to act, and ended up staying in Jensburg for a long time to chase his wife. Zachary guessed it would take
a few days before Kevin came back to attend his and Serenity’s wedding.

Fortunately, Kevin had Serenity as a love consultant, so he could pursue Hayden directly, which was faster. If Hayden’s gender
identity was revealed first, as Kevin had hoped, they still didn’t know when he would be, and only then could they have a positive
outcome with Hayden.
Being ridiculed by the elder brother, Evan blushed slightly.
Evan: “I just don’t give up, I want to try.”
Zachary: “I was slapped in the face. I resisted very much at the beginning, but in the end I had to marry your sister-in-law in a
flash. Of course, I am very happy now, and I don’t regret flash marriage at the beginning.”
Zachary turned his head and asked Evan: “Do you want fried eggs?”
Evan replied: “Yes.”
Zachary handed him the spatula, “If you want to eat, do it yourself.”
Evan: “Brother, would you like to help me prepare breakfast?”
Zachary: “If you stay outside for a while, I will prepare everything. Now that you come in early, I have prepared three breakfasts.
You are ashamed to grab your grandma and your brother-in-law’s breakfast. Is it?”
Evan: “…If I had known, I would have dragged outside for a while before coming in. I thought I could taste the handicrafts of big
brother, but in the end I had to do it myself.”
He was out of luck. Talking about it, Evan had to make breakfast by himself.
“What method did you think of?” Zachary knew that Evan would definitely end in failure, so he gossiped, wanting to know what
method Evan thought of.
Evan told Zachary about the dream he had.
After finishing speaking, he whispered: “Brother, if I become the first divorced man in our York family in the future, when you, the
family, punish me, you have to be merciful.”

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