Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2340

Julian added: “As far as I know, there are rose gardens, hundred gardens and sunflower gardens. But it’s October now, and
there are not so many flowers. If you come here in spring, it will be really beautiful. “
Kiera also pressed the car window. Looking into the distance, she asked in amazement: “Are the places I see belong to the York
family? Are the people I see also from the York family?”
Julian said: “All the places you can see now belong to the York family. Most of the people you see are workers from the York
family, gardeners, and those who work on the fruit hills. They need a lot of workers.
There are also some people who are members of the York family. They may have participated in the fifth suit with Young Master
York, or they may have participated in the fifth suit. Anyway, their surname is York.
Those houses are the same. Some are the residences of the York clan, and some are the dormitories of the workers. The York
family also treats the workers very well. If it is an individual, it will be divided into a single room with a small kitchen and a small
bathroom. They can cook for themselves.
If you have a family with you, you will be given a suite dormitory. Although the suite is not too big, it is well designed, but it is
enough to live in.”
Kiera’s eyes widened when she heard that, and she exclaimed, “The people who work here are treated the same as white-collar
Julian said with a smile: “It’s better than the white-collar workers of ordinary companies. The workers’ children have good grades
in school and are admitted to a good university. If they can enter the society and work in the York Corporation in the future, the
York family will also give a bonus.
After the York family’s workers came in, they seldom moved their nests and were reluctant to leave. First, they stayed for a long
time and got used to a place. Second, the York family treated the workers really well, especially the old lady.”
Such a good treatment, such a good employer, I would be reluctant to leave. No wonder the York family has stood firm as the
richest man in Wiltspoon.”
It was very rare that a large family with a prosperous population could live in harmony, and all the children and grandchildren
were promising.
Not to mention being in a wealthy family, it was difficult to have such a family even in an ordinary family.

Kiera: “I heard that Old Mrs. York is an old lady with a high IQ.”
Julian smiled. His evaluation of the old lady was: “Old Mrs. York is an old fox, and also an old smiling tiger. She smiles and is as
kind as a Bodhisattva. When she tricks you, even if you know it, you can’t jump out.
Anyway, just don’t mess with her. Sometimes don’t mess with her. She likes you and will take the initiative to mess with you. She
is also very loyal. Of her nine grandchildren, only Young Master York is married now, and Second Young Master York is engaged.
Everything else has not been settled yet, and she has to worry about her old friend’s grandson.”
For example, he and Duncan.
It was the object of the old lady’s leaked time to worry about.
If it weren’t for Grandma May, he wouldn’t be arranged dozens of blind dates a day by his parents, and the majestic young
master of the Bucham family would have become a monkey to be admired by others.
“She’s just a warm-hearted old lady.” Kiera said with a smile.
Julian: “Well, she is very warm-hearted. Old Mrs. York is very popular in Wiltspoon and has a very good reputation.”
This was a fact. Every wealthy family in Wiltspoon would give Mrs. York some face. Back then, when the York family and the
Stone family were facing each other, and the two groups were deadly rivals, if the old lady came forward, the Stone Family would
give them a lot of face.
Mrs. Stone was the most domineering, and she would become gentle when facing the old lady, not daring to be aggressive.
Kiera said: “Hearing what you said, I really want to see the old lady, just talking, Mr. Bucham, don’t take it seriously, and don’t
bother Young Master York and the old lady for me.”
Kiera was a person who appreciated and worshiped the powerful.
The old lady of the York family happened to be that kind of person.
Julian said modestly: “Ms. Caron, Even if I wanted to satisfy your wishes, I don’t have that much ability. My company has
cooperated with York Corporation on several projects and has had dinner with Young Master York several times before. So I
made a request to take you here for a stroll today.”

When he said this, Kiera said gratefully: “Mr. Bucham, thank you so much, and trouble you too much.”

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