Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2341

Julian smiled: “Ms. Caron, you don’t need to be so polite to me; we are friends now, not to mention that, Ms. Caron, you have
saved my life.”
Kiera also smiled: “All right, let’s not be too polite. I also feel uncomfortable being polite all the time. I am a bit rough, and being
too polite makes me cautious. Mr. Bucham, don’t always say it. It’s really just a fight while taking a walk to digest food.”
Both of them laughed.
Kiera didn’t intend to get out of the car to enjoy the flowers, so Julian drove up the mountain directly.
He guessed that Kiera might not like flowers very much.
Halfway up the mountain, the car stopped temporarily.
Kiera saw a security booth halfway up the mountain, where road cards were set up to intercept vehicles.
After seeing Julian, the security guard in the security booth quickly let Julian’s vehicle pass.
Kiera asked curiously: “Is there a security guard looking up here?”
“Well, Wildridge Manor is the York family’s mansion, and outsiders are not allowed to enter casually. In the past, there was only a
security booth at the gate of the villa. Since Young Master York got married, too many people wanted to secretly take pictures of
Young Master York and his wife’s private life, and tried every means to sneak up the mountain.
Young Master York was worried that the villa would not be safe, so he added a road card halfway up the mountain, and arranged
three shifts for 24 hours a day. Those who come here without permission can only be free below the halfway up the mountain.”
Kiera snorted, and suddenly felt like a wealthy family was deep in the sea.
Freedom of entry and exit was controlled.
Fortunately, she just came to the rich man’s residence for tourism, and left after a stroll, so she wouldn’t be restrained.
Thinking of this, Kiera laughed at herself again.
Did she really think that everyone could marry into a wealthy family?

She had no chance, even if she wanted to be restrained. Why had she thought so much? Besides, she didn’t want to join a
wealthy family; just an ordinary family was fine.
She was the daughter of the owner of the Caron family Martial Arts Gym. She had practiced martial arts for a while. Even though
she was pretty and not rude, no man who knew her background would consider her.
There was once a matchmaker who wanted to introduce her a boyfriend. Who knew that the man would not even meet her after
he knew that she practiced martial arts for a while, saying that he was afraid of being raped by her after marriage.
This made Kiera dumbfounded, and she understood the reason why she had been single for 24 years and had never even been
in a relationship.
It was those men who thought that she was too skilled, and they thought that if there was a conflict after marriage, they couldn’t
beat her.
A man with that kind of thinking, didn’t worry about it.
She would stay single with peace of mind, and she was not in a hurry to get married anyway.
She had a few female classmates who had a good time, and they got married a year after graduating from university. After
marriage, they lived a miserable life.
The car quickly reached the top of the mountain.
Wildridge Manor was built on this flat-topped hill, which was not high.
There was really a security booth at the gate of the Wildridge Manor. When the security guard on duty saw Julian who pressed
the car window, he silently opened the gate of the Manor for him and let the three of them drive into the Manor.
As soon as they entered the Manor, there was an open-air parking lot.
The butler had already received a phone call from Zachary, telling him that young master Bucham would bring a girl over to play
in the Manor today, and asked him to make proper arrangements, but he could not expose Julian’s identity as the young master
of the Bucham family.
Julian parked the car and said to Kiera: “Our car can only be parked in the open-air parking lot here, and we can’t drive any
further. That’s where the York family’s daily activities are. Let’s go to the right side of the parking lot later. Going along that road,

you will find the second half of the Manor, which is also the place with the most beautiful scenery.”
Kiera said: “We are here not to disturb Young master York’s family.”
She got out of the car with Julian.
The twelve children also got out of the car one after another.
When children arrived in a strange place, they would be well-behaved and quiet for a short time.
They also followed Julian and Kiera to the butler.
“Mr. Bucham.” The butler greeted Julian with a smile.

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