Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2342

Julian smiled back, and after greeting each other, he introduced the butler to Kiera: “Ms. Caron, this is Sam, the chief butler of
Wildridge Manor.”
“Sam, this is Ms. Caron, the daughter of the owner of the Caron family martial arts gym in Yonsburg, and my savior.”
Sam slandered in his heart: Young Master Bucham, are you kidding me, you have a savior?
As Young Master Bucham, who would dare to touch a single hair of Young Master Bucham?
Touching Young Master Bucham, No one even dared to offend him.
But the young master York specifically told him that after Young Master Bucham came, no matter what Young Master Bucham
said, just go along with him and his wishes.
“Ms. Caron.” Sam said hello politely.
Kiera quickly responded, she was a little embarrassed and said: “We took the liberty to disturb you, and trouble Sam.”
Sam smiled: “No trouble, Mr. Bucham and our young master York know each other. The young master York has explained it to
me. Today I will be your tour guide and take you around the Manor.”
Julian said, “Sam, I’ve been here twice. I can’t say I’m familiar with it, and I won’t get lost while walking. I think I can barely be a
tour guide for Ms. Caron. Sam, you’re also very busy, we won’t bother you.
There are a dozen of us, Sam, please arrange lunch for us, and we will go back to the city in the afternoon.”
Sam smiled: “That’s fine as well. During lunch, Mr. Bucham, I will assist in placing an hour-ahead food order. When it is time for
dinner, Mr. Bucham, you will send me your location and I will arrange for food delivery. You need not travel back and forth.”
Julian thanked, “Okay, I will. Thank you.”
Sam said with a smile: “Mr. Bucham, you will take everyone to have fun. The children’s playground has also been arranged.
There are people waiting for the items the children want to play. Just pay attention to safety.”
Julian thanked again.
Sam repeatedly said no thanks, as long as Young Master Bucham was happy.

In that way, Sam could still have a name with Young Master Bucham, and if he needed Young Master Bucham’s help in the
future, he could still lick his old face and beg Young Master Bucham.
Listening to the conversation between Julian and Sam, Kiera was surprised by the size of the Wildridge Manor.
Poverty limited her imagination, and this family really deserved to be the richest man.
When Julian greeted Kiera and took the children to visit the second half of the Manor, he heard the old Mrs. York’s shout.
Old Mrs. York rushed back to see Kiera.
She liked to eat melons, and also liked to gossip, and her curiosity was also very high.
Kiera was Julian’s destined girl, so she was very curious.
Julian didn’t go to the main courtyard to meet old Mrs. York when he came, so she had to come here by herself.
Anyway, she was about to see Kiera.
Julian didn’t try to bypass her.
Hearing old Mrs. York’s shout, Julian: “…”
Wasn’t old Mrs. York living with Zachary?
Didn’t need to take care of the pregnant Serenity?
Why didn’t Zachary tell him that old Mrs. York was in the Manor?
He deliberately challenged old Mrs. York to come over when she was not in the Manor, but he still met her!

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