Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2343

“Grandma York.” Julian couldn’t avoid her. He could only face her, so he immediately called the old lady with a smile.
Kiera knew that the kind old Mrs. York who was walking over and smiling like a bodhisattva was the old Mrs. York of the York
Looking at the clothes of the old Mrs. York, she was really no different from the ordinary old lady, she looked very simple, but her
natural nobility couldn’t be concealed by clothes.
old Mrs. York walked like flying, her body was very strong, and she was well maintained. She looked like an aunt in her fifties or
sixties, and her actual age couldn’t be seen at all.
“Julian, who is this?”
old Mrs. York’s eyes fell on Kiera, and she asked Julian pretending not to know.
In front of old Mrs. York, Julian didn’t dare to play tricks, so he honestly introduced Kiera Caron to her.
“Hi old Mrs. York.” After Julian introduced each other to the old and the young, Kiera hurriedly asked the old Mrs. York to say
Grandma May smiled kindly: “Hi, Ms. Caron.”
She looked Kiera up and down.
Young and beautiful, heroic and generous between her brows, the old Mrs. York had a very good first impression of Kiera.
She had heard Kiera had a lot of skills. Nearly all of the subordinates Julian set up were beaten to the ground by Kiera when she
was designed to be his savior, and they were still residing in the hospital at this time.
A girl with such skills was very suitable for Kiera.
Grandma May liked Kiera’s crisp and informal personality.
Well, as good as the wives she chose for her grandchildren, God didn’t treat Julian badly.
If Julian had arranged for a girl with the appearance… hahaha.
Just imagining it made Grandma May want to laugh.

She was a bit of a naughty old lady, and she enjoyed watching the punishment that God meted out to the men who refused to
marry their wives.
Julian was apathetic; he would only be tempted by one woman in his life. If it was really an ugly woman who made him react, he
could only marry and go home.
Kiera asked the students to say hello to Old Mrs. York again.
More than a dozen children said hello in unison, which made Old Mrs. York very happy. She especially liked girls.
She immediately greeted: “Children, let’s go and eat delicious food with Grandma May.”
At the same time, she said to Julian: “Julian, you’ve come all the time, and you didn’t bring Ms. Caron in for a sit-down. This is to
trap my York family in treating guests well, right?
If I hadn’t happened to walk here and saw you, I would have been successfully framed by you.”
Julian slandered in his heart, who knew that you would come back in advance.
He dared to say that the old lady came back specially to watch the good show between him and Kiera.
This old lady was the originator of eating melons.
Their Bucham family was also pointed out by the old lady.
“Grandma York, you misunderstood me. How dare I frame You for not being good at hospitality. I heard that you lives with Young
Master York. I brought Ms. Caron and the children over to play. I’m afraid of making noise, so I don’t dare to disturb everyone.”
Grandma May said: “What are you bothering me? The Manor is as quiet as every day. I just hope that someone will come to
play. It is lively and lively. I especially like children.”

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