Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2346

Kiera knew her students better than Julian.
She had no objection to Julian’s proposal, so she turned around with Julian and walked towards the big tree Julian pointed to.
A swing chair was installed under the tree.
“I saw a lot of swing chairs in the Manor.” After sitting down on the swing chair, Kiera said something.
“There are quite a lot of them. Many of them were installed later. young mistress York likes to sit on swing chairs. Young master
York is doting on his wife. As long as it is a place where they will live, I heard that many swing chairs have been installed.”
Julian: “In that way, wherever young mistress York lives, there are swing chairs to sit on.”
Kiera said enviously: “Young Master York is really kind to the young mistress, which makes people envious and jealous.”
There were really legends of Zachary doting on his wife everywhere.
“Where is the old Mrs. York?”
Old Mrs. York was gone, Kiera asked curiously.
She remembered that old Mrs. York was with them just now.
“Old Mrs. York is in charge of all major affairs in the York family. The wedding of Young Master York is coming soon, and she is
busy arranging the wedding.”
“Ms. Caron, can you stay a few more days?” Julian asked suddenly.
Kiera said: “I can’t stay any longer. The children should go back to school. Although they learn martial arts in our Caron family
martial arts gym, the focus is on cultural subjects. Our martial arts gym can’t delay the children’s study.”
After finishing speaking, she asked Julian, “What’s the matter, Mr. Bucham?”
Julian said, “Ms. Caron, when I mentioned Young Master York’s wedding, I remembered that I received the invitation from Young
Master York not only to attend his wedding but also to be the best man. Originally, I wanted to follow you back to learn martial
arts techniques from Master Caron.

Now you have to attend Young Master York’s wedding. I just want to ask you to stay a few days longer and go back after drinking
Young Master York’s wedding wine.”
Hearing this, Kiera was very moved. But she still said: “It still doesn’t work, besides, I am not related to the York family, and
Young Master York would not invite me to attend his wedding.”
Julian smiled and said, “It’s easy. As my female friend, you will accompany me to attend the wedding of Young Master York.”
Female friends, after simplification, are girlfriends.
Kiera still declined.
It was thanks to Julian that she could come to Wildridge Manor today.
She could no longer be brave enough to take advantage of Julian to attend Young Master York’s wedding.
She didn’t want to owe Julian too much favor.
Seeing that Kiera refused, Julian didn’t force her.
He only said that after Zachary’s wedding was over, he would immediately fly to Yonsburg to learn martial arts techniques from
Master Caron.
Kiera smiled and said, “Mr. Bucham, don’t worry about learning from Master Caron. It’s important that you’re busy with your
Her father would definitely not accept Julian.
For one thing, her father wouldn’t accept disciplines easily.
The second reason was that Julian was getting older and had only recently begun training in martial arts, making it challenging
for him to accomplish anything.
At most, just exercise.
Julian hummed, “I will arrange my own itinerary.”

As soon as he went back and talked to his dad, his dad said, he just followed Kiera to Yonsburg, and he didn’t have to take care
of the family affairs, and his dad had been idle for so long, so let his dad exercise again.

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