Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2347

Julian said with a smile: “I’m not worried about business matters. There is a management team in the company, but the matter of
being the best man for Young Master York cannot be dismissed.”
Kiera: “That can’t be turned down. No matter how many people want to attend Young Master York’s wedding, there is no chance.
Mr. Bucham, you’re very lucky to be the best man for Young Master York.”
Kiera actually wanted to attend Zachary and Serenity’s wedding.
Since she didn’t have any friendship with the loving couple, she never even met each other.
Even if Julian was willing to take her there, she couldn’t because she didn’t know people in that circle well.
Besides, she really wanted to take the children back, and the children had to go to school.
Julian smiled and did not refute Kiera’s words.
There was no old lady as a light bulb anymore. Julian and Kiera had been together all day, and the strangeness between the two
had disappeared.
For the next two days, Julian still acted as a free tour guide for Kiera and his group, taking Kiera and the children to play around
and eat authentic Wiltspoon food.
Two days later, Kiera left Wiltspoon with the children.
Happy days passed quickly.
In the blink of an eye, Zachary and Serenity’s wedding was approaching.
The two had received the certificate for one year, and the anniversary of their marriage had passed. Zachary received a
generous gift from his beloved wife. He also gave his wife many gifts, and made an appointment with Serenity. Every year on the
anniversary of their marriage, they would celebrate well.
With three days left before the wedding, Serenity moved back to her natal home.
Her natal home was her sister’s home.

In order for her younger sister to get married nearby without having to go back to her hometown, and to avoid the drunk man
who was staring at Liberty in Dinshasa Community, Liberty finally moved out of Dinshasa Community with her son and lived in
the villa gifted to her by Zachary and Serenity.
However, Liberty did not accept the gift. She signed a sales contract with Zachary, and bought the villa from him.
The price was confidential.
Serenity was willing to accommodate her sister’s self-esteem, but she couldn’t let her live under too much pressure. On the issue
of housing prices, she would not give up an inch.
From the fact that Liberty finally moved in, it could be seen that among the sisters, Liberty lost.
Those who received invitations from the York family—those who were far away—would fly to Wiltspoon a few days in advance,
stay in Wiltspoon, and wait for the wedding.
All expenses were covered by Yorks.
The wealthiest man in Annenburg, Johnson’s family, was a distinguished guest who flew to Wiltspoon in advance.
Ben’s parents and his beloved wife Jane came here together.
The group met at the York family’s Wildridge Manor. After eating, Ben and the others went to the Stone Family.
This time they came here not only to attend Zachary and Serenity’s wedding, but also for Remy’s wedding.
Remy was started by Patriarch Bucham’s sudden move to the Stone Family to propose marriage.
Even later, Julian confessed to his parents that he had found his destined girl and relieved Elisa from being forced to marry
Remy was still afraid.
From liking Elisa, pursuing Elisa, to confirming the relationship, Remy was strongly opposed by Mrs. Stone, and Remy faced and
solved it alone. This time, he was too frightened and had to ask his family for help.
Then there was Ben and the others’ trip to Wiltspoon ahead of schedule.

In fact, the Johnson family had long wanted to meet with the businessman to talk about the future of the two children, but Remy
refused to let him. He felt that it was not the time.
Hoxmoor villas.
Liberty Hunt’s home.
Elisa’s car stopped at the door, got out of the car, went to the door and rang the doorbell.
Soon a nanny came out, it was Mrs. Lane.
Liberty didn’t want to hire a nanny, because Zachary was afraid that his wife would be tired of helping her sister with housework
when she returned to her mother’s house, so she arranged for several people to come and live in Liberty’s house, responsible for
cleaning, maintaining the courtyard, buying vegetables and cooking.

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