Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2348

“Miss Stone.” Seeing that it was Elisa, Mrs. Lane smiled and said hello.
“Mrs. Lane, why are you here?” Seeing Mrs. Lane, an old acquaintance, Elisa also had a smile on her face.
“The youngest mistress has returned to live in her natal family, and the young master has arranged for us to come and take care
of the youngest mistress. Not only me, but also Jim.”
They were the people that Eldest Young Mistress and Miss Liberty were most familiar with, so Eldest Young Master arranged for
them to come here.
The young master said that she and Jim would both work in the Hunt family from now on, and they would still get their wages
from the young master, and the young master gave them a raise.
The bodyguards around Zachary and the servants of York’s family, Liberty and Sonny were familiar with Mrs. Lane and Jim.
That’s why Zachary arranged it like this. As long as the aunt, mother and son live a stable life, his wife would be in a good mood.
Elisa smiled and said: “It’s your young master’s style. He is thoughtful about everything to Seren, and he is really consider and
In the past, she always felt that Zachary was too cold and heartless.
She had been in love for many years without any results.
Even if she pursued him openly for a period of time, she still couldn’t get Zachary’s attention.
She thought Zachary was cold by nature, didn’t know what tenderness was, and couldn’t take care of others.
It was only later that she realized that it wasn’t that Zachary didn’t understand tenderness, nor did he know how to take care of
others; it was just that Zachary’s tenderness wouldn’t be given to her.
Fortunately, the woman Zachary loved deeply was her cousin, and this excellent man has not flowed into the fields of outsiders.
Mrs. Lane smiled, “The Eldest Young Mistress is the Eldest Young Master’s eyeballs; who wouldn’t protect their own eyeballs!”
She opened the door of the villa and said to Elisa: “Miss Stone, please drive in.”

“Well. I won’t leave too soon. I’ll stay and have lunch with Seren later. By the way, will the young master of your family come over
for lunch? I’m afraid I’ll be a light bulb.”
Mrs. Lane replied: “The Eldest young master has been crazy busy recently, and only in the evening can he squeeze in some
time to come and see the Eldest young mistress.”
For the wedding, Zachary was crazy busy.
But no matter how busy he was, he still had to squeeze time to come to Hunt’s house every day.
“I thought he would come and live with her, and he wouldn’t go back until the morning of the wedding.”
Elisa’s words smacked of ridicule.
Mrs. Lane smiled, “Eldest young master wanted to do this, but the old lady told him off, and Ms. Liberty refused to let him stay.
Every night when young master comes over, he will have a show of reluctance with young mistress. “
Elisa giggled.
That’s Zachary’s style.
She got back into the car, drove into Hunt’s house, and the car was parked in the small parking lot.
This villa was bought by Zachary, and the layout was arranged according to Zachary’s preferences.
Liberty didn’t have high requirements for the residence, let alone Sonny.
Therefore, after the mother and son moved in, they didn’t move anything, they just moved in with their bags.
Elisa: “Miss Liberty has gone out?”
“Well, she went shopping. Sonny went to kindergarten, and the little guy always pouted before going out, saying that he didn’t
want to go to kindergarten and wanted to stay at home with the young mistress.”
Mentioning Sonny, Mrs. Lane even rolled her eyes with a smile.
Elisa walked towards the main house and said, “Sonny is almost as old as I was when I was a child, and I need to carry it into
the car when I go to kindergarten.”

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