Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2349

“Kids are like that.” Mrs. Lane smiled and said, “It would be nice to be a little older. Sonny didn’t want to go to kindergarten, but
he didn’t cry. At most, he deliberately slowed down his movements and dawdled. Miss Hunt has such a good temper, she can’t
stand him.”
It’s said that Sonny dawdled before going out, and he was always afraid of being late, so he would lose face if he said that he
was late.
Sometimes Miss Hunt was so angry with him that she left him on purpose and left with his little schoolbag, and he was so
anxious that she cried.”
Elisa: “…It seems that children should just watch it.”
She thought that Sonny was already a very well-behaved child, but she didn’t realize that what she saw was just the tip of the
iceberg. If she really made her carry it around every day, she might go crazy.
Mrs. Lane laughed, “That’s the truth. When I look at other people’s children, I think they are cute. I wish I could have ten or eight.
When I have a child, if I bring the baby myself, I wish I could stuff the child back into my stomach.”
Elisa told herself that when she and Remy got married and had a child, the child would be given to Remy to care for. She would
see him as a dad, and he could play and eat with the baby, but she wouldn’t help with discipline. Don’t worry about it. She’d
leave it all up to Remy.
Well, she’s a bit irresponsible.
“Eldest young mistress, Miss Stone is here.” As soon as Mrs. Lane entered the room, she called out to Serenity.
Serenity, who was sitting in the living room watching TV boredly, heard Mrs. Lane’s words, and saw that it was really Elisa who
came. She immediately stood up laughing and greeted Elisa.
Complaining to Elisa: “You have no conscience, you haven’t come to accompany me for so many days, I’m bored to death.”
She didn’t have to worry about the wedding, even if she wanted to help.
She couldn’t go back to the company to work, and even when she went to the bookstore, Jasmine would urge her to come back
and let her wait at home to be a bride with peace of mind.
Accustomed to being busy, she suddenly stopped, unable to do anything, and she felt uncomfortable.

“It’s only been a few days. Didn’t I go on a business trip two days ago? Last time I talked about the cooperation that I didn’t
discuss a few times last time. It was finally settled two days ago. The contract was signed. We have another great client.”
Elisa affectionately held Serenity’s arm, and the two walked back to the sofa and sat down together.
Elisa: “Seren, I think we have to expand the scale of the vegetable market. What do you mean?”
Serenity: “If there is business, of course it’s good. After my wedding, we will go and see if there is any land that is willing to rent
out, we will contract it.”
Elisa let go of her arm, touched Serenity’s stomach, and said with a smile: “You are carrying little baby York now, and he will let
you run around with me? After the wedding, you two won’t spend your honeymoon? If You don’t go far, it’s also possible in our
Serenity: “…The plan is to travel by car in Wiltspoon and its surrounding cities, so it’s a honeymoon.
By the way, how is the matter between you and Remy? I heard from Jane that their family went to your house yesterday.”
Elisa’s smile became brighter, and there was a red cloud on her face. Seeing her like this, Serenity knew that something good
was coming.
“Remy’s parents, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law came to visit, and they showed their attitude, so my mother let go. My mother
said if I want to marry Remy, I will marry him, and she also said that I will not stay. She is also afraid that if she stays here, she
will become an enemy. She left this matter to me.”
Serenity was also happy for Elisa, she said with a smile: “Actually, my aunt agreed a long time ago, but she couldn’t bear it.
Remy’s family is here, just to give my aunt a step down.”
Elisa also knew that her mother followed the trend, she said: “It was Young Master Bucham who intervened, and my mother let
go. Although I was quite annoying when I was ‘pursued’ by Young Master Bucham, I took him again. no way.”
“However, I have to admit that Young Master Bucham helped Remy and me a lot by doing that. There is a harm in comparing it.
My mother suddenly felt that Remy was better and more suitable for me. “

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