Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2358

In the beginning, Mrs. Lewis strongly opposed the two being together, disliked them, and Liberty always was a divorced woman
with a child.
Later, Duncan had a car accident, and Mrs. Lewis begged Liberty to accept Duncan instead.
The two of them didn’t have a clear relationship yet, but in Wiltspoon, everyone regarded them as a couple.
No one dared to rob Mr. Lewis for a woman yet.
He heard that Liberty’s ex-husband’s family had always wanted her to remarry her ex-husband. Of course, Liberty was always a
good horse and would not turn back.
“My name is Antonio Giles.”
Antonio Giles was actually the one who lived in the Dinshasa Community because he drank heavily every day after breaking up
with his wife. When he was drunk, he would sleep around and stare at others when he saw young girls.
After he met Liberty, he also stared at her for a few days, until she moved out of Dinshasa Community, he never met her again in
the community.
He suddenly stopped drinking, decided to regain his strength, and then pursued Liberty.
Today he specially changed into the newly bought clothes, shaved his hair, and shaved his beard. He looked completely new. He
bought a bouquet of flowers and boldly came to the All You Can Eat restaurant.
Liberty and Sonny lived in Dinshasa Community for so long, it was easy for Antonio to inquire about Liberty’s affairs.
He also knew that Liberty’s biological sister was the oldest wife of the richest man’s family.
Antonio didn’t covet how many benefits Liberty could bring him. He simply fell in love with Liberty, liked her, and wanted to
pursue her.
He didn’t dislike Liberty as a divorced woman, nor did he dislike her with a child.
So long as Liberty gave him the opportunity, he would treat Liberty’s son as if he were his own.

The waiter looked at the bouquet of flowers that Antonio was holding again, and said to Antonio: “Mr. Giles, wait a moment, I’ll go
and ask Ms. Hunt what she means. Ms. Hunt is very busy, so she might not meet You.”
Antonio understood and said: “It’s okay, I’ll wait here, please ask Ms. Hunt for me, thank you.”
The waiter turned and walked towards Liberty’s office.
After knocking on the door, with Liberty’s consent, the waiter opened the door and went in.
Within two minutes, the waiter came out. He walked back to Antonio, and said to Antonio: “Mr. Giles, Ms. Hunt said that she
doesn’t know you. If you are not here to discuss business, please come back.”
After Antonio was silent, he said, “Please trouble Boss Hunt again, and tell her that I live in Dinshasa Community. That night and
the next morning, I scared her because I was drunk. I came here today to apologize to her. “
The waiter knocked on Liberty’s office door again.
Soon again, the waiter came out, and he said to Antonio: “Mr. Giles, Ms. Hunt invites you in.”
Antonio thanked the waiter and walked towards Liberty’s office with the bouquet of flowers in his arms.
Liberty reviewed and reviewed the menu for her sister’s wedding on the day of her wedding, and closed the book after confirming
that there was no problem.
Seeing Antonio knocking on the door and coming in, Liberty looked up, seeing Antonio’s strange face, she couldn’t believe it was
that scary drunk.
After cutting his hair, shaved his beard, and put on clean clothes, Antonio was a bit handsome, but of course he couldn’t
compare with handsome men like Zachary and Josh.
“Miss Hunt, hello, I’m Antonio, we met in Dinshasa Community.” Antonio introduced himself.
Liberty stood up, “Mr. Giles, hello, please sit down.”
Antonio didn’t sit down immediately, but handed the bouquet of flowers to Liberty first, looked at Liberty deeply, and said
apologetically: “Miss Hunt, it was my fault that I scared you and your child that day, I shouldn’t be slovenly, drunk every day, and
scare you all for a woman who climbed high and abandoned me.”

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