Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2361

Liberty’s trust made Duncan feel a little happier.
“Mr. Lewis, you came over to eat, right? I helped you choose the menu according to your preferences, and ordered the kitchen to
make it. Mr. Lewis, you can eat it after a while. Now I have to go home.”
She went out to do errands and came out all morning.
She had to go home, and there were a lot of things waiting for her to do at home.
Seren could do it, but she wouldn’t let her sister intervene or let her rest well. The pregnancy reaction was so severe. How could
she let her sister do things again?
Knowing that she was busy with her younger sister’s going out, Duncan said, “I’ll take you back and have dinner at your house,
is that okay? I haven’t tasted Mrs. Lane’s cooking skills for a long time, I really miss it.”
Liberty didn’t refuse him, “Then wait for me here, I’ll go in and get something.”
Duncan: “Alright.”
Liberty went back to the restaurant to get something.
After she walked away, Duncan said to the bodyguard behind him: “Let someone help me investigate that Mr. Giles.”
To deal with rivals in love, he must know himself and the enemy in order to be victorious in every battle.
The bodyguard immediately took out his mobile phone to make a call and asked someone to help his boss investigate his rival.
His boss and Miss Liberty finally made it to this day. Although there was no clear relationship, at least Miss Liberty no longer
rejected his boss.
He couldn’t be stepped in at the most critical time.
The bodyguard thought that his boss had a better chance of winning, but his boss was still disabled and needed a wheelchair, so
he was a bit at a loss.

Just after the bodyguard finished making a call, a car stopped at All You Can Eat Restaurant, Duncan and the bodyguard both
looked at the car.
The person who got out of the car was the ex-husband that Liberty didn’t want to see the most.
Hank was recovering well. Although he had not yet recovered, the doctor had assessed his health and agreed to let him go
through the discharge procedures and go home to recuperate.
He stayed in the hospital for so long, and almost emptied his family and his parents.
If he lived any longer, his parents’ wallets would not be able to hold on. So he himself strongly demanded to be discharged from
the hospital.
After Hank was discharged from the hospital, he couldn’t help asking his sister to accompany him to have a look after hearing his
sister tell him about her restaurant several times.
Every time he saw that Liberty was doing well after the divorce, Hank felt bad in his heart.
But he couldn’t divorce again, and he knew that there was no way back for him and Liberty. Apart from regret, he had nothing but
While still in the car, Chelsea said to her younger brother: “Hank, look, that wheelchair man is here again. I come here to watch
every day, and I dare not show up for fear that Liberty will find out, but I know that the man surnamed Lewis comes here every
Sometimes he would go to the kindergarten to pick up Sonny from school. Seeing that he and Sonny get along like father and
son, I feel worthless for you. Sonny is your biological son, and you also paid child support. Liberty, however, was cultivated by
the surnamed Lewis and Sonny. I think she is ready to marry him.”
Hank was silent in the car for a long time before he said to his sister: “Sister, we came here today as an excuse to add makeup
to Serenity. Needless to say about other things, even if Liberty really married Mr. Lewis, anyway, Sonny is my biological son, this
cannot be changed. Let’s get out of the car and say hello to Mr. Lewis.”
If Liberty remarried, it would be a good thing for Sonny to have a stepfather like Duncan, much better than following his own

Hank went to the ghost gate and came back. In the short term, he would no longer be able to make money from online car-
hailing, so he could only rely on his parents’ pension to survive.
He couldn’t give his son a better growth environment, and it was best for his son to follow Liberty and Duncan.
Duncan’s love for Sonny came from the heart.
Hank was unwilling to admit it but had to admit it.
The siblings got out of the car and walked towards Duncan.
When Duncan saw Hank, he straightened his waist, even if he couldn’t stand up, his momentum was not inferior to Hank.

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