Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2365

“I see.” Trenton was thoughtful.
After knowing what his parents had done, Trenton now has a little suspicion that the doctor who helped his sister treat her eyes
died of a normal death, and maybe his parents also wrote it.
“Master, why did you come back all of a sudden?” The servant found it strange.
Shouldn’t the young master be on the university campus, studying at university carefree?
It was reasonable to say that he’s back from the National Day holiday.
Now the National Day holiday was over.
“I was worried about my oldest sister, so I asked for a few days off to come back and have a look.”
Trenton didn’t hide that he came back from leave.
“Oldest sister is in the house, I’ll go in and have a look.” Trenton couldn’t wait to see her oldest sister and verify whether her eyes
were recovering.
The servant said: “Missy and Mr. Callum are both here.”
Trenton didn’t seem to hear the latter sentence, he walked into the room quickly.
As soon as he entered the room, he saw his brother-in-law Callum holding his sister’s waist with one hand and pressing the back
of his sister’s head with the other, kissing her passionately.
Trenton only felt a bang.
His face suddenly turned red, and he turned around quickly, embarrassed to look at them who were kissing passionately.
At the same time, he scolded Callum in his heart for being too presumptuous, it was always like this in his house, and when
people saw him, his sister’s face didn’t know where to put it.
Trenton didn’t know this scene, and the servants of Newman’s family were used to it.
The Second Young Master York seized the opportunity to take advantage of the Eldest Miss.

The two were unmarried couples and the engagement banquet had already been held. It was normal for unmarried couples to
kiss and hug each other. Even if they had s-e-x, no one would say anything.
Callum took advantage of everything, but failed to break through the last line of defense.
Both wanted the best for their wedding night.
After a kiss, Callum let go of his beloved.
Camryn leaned on his chest, adjusting his breath.
Soon, Callum saw his brother-in-law with his back turned to them, he lowered his head and said to the person in his arms:
“Camryn, I saw someone who looked like Trenton, I don’t know if it’s him, at this moment, He should be at school.”
Hearing this, Camryn hurriedly pushed him away, turned around, and looked in Trenton’s direction.
After Lilian’s treatment, Camryn could now see what was in front of him, but it’s still not very clear. It’s much better than before
when it was blurry and he couldn’t see anything clearly.
From a distance, she still looked blurry.
Lilian said that her current eyesight was equivalent to that of a person who was nearsighted at 700 to 800 degrees, and she
could see things without her glasses.
She could see it, but she couldn’t see it clearly.
After being blind for ten years and living in the dark for ten years, the only younger brother in this family who treated her sincerely
and protected her was no longer the seven-year-old child he was ten years ago.
Camryn saw it again vaguely, she only knew that there was a person standing there, and she didn’t know what he looked like.
She was not familiar with the figure. That figure was a complete stranger to her.
Camryn couldn’t see clearly, but her man could see clearly. If he said it was Trenton, it must be Trenton.
Camryn called out tentatively.

Only then did Trenton turn around, his little face was still red.

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