Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2366

Trenton came over and glared at Callum.
Callum smiled at him, “Trenton, Why are you back?”
Trenton was annoyed that he was taking advantage of his sister, even though his face was blushing, he said unceremoniously to
him: “This is my home, I can come back whenever I want, you want me to care?”
Callum had a good temper and didn’t argue with him.
Knowing that he was seen by his brother-in-law when he kissed passionately with his fiancee.
His brother-in-law probably thought he was taking advantage of Camryn.
“Sister, it’s me.” Trenton squeezed in front of the oldest sister in the next moment, pushing Callum aside, and he occupied the
most favorable position in front of her sister.
It was convenient for his sister to see his appearance clearly.
Having been siblings for seventeen years, his sister hadn’t seen him for ten years.
When the oldest sister lost her sight, he was only seven years old, a student who had just entered the second grade of
elementary school.
Callum was pushed aside by his brother-in-law, but he was still not angry. He also said cheerfully: “Trenton, your sister can see
what is in front of her now, but it’s not very clear yet. Dr. Carden said that her eyesight is now equivalent to those of people who
are nearsighted of seven or eight hundred degrees and take off their glasses. You can see it, but you can’t see it.”
Callum: “Come closer so that your sister can see you clearly. By the way, what dish do you want to eat? I’ll ask the kitchen to
hurry up and cook some of your favorite dishes.”
It’s noon and it’s time for dinner.
Trenton seemed unable to hear Callum’s words, he just stared into his sister’s eyes, and asked nervously: “Sister, look at me,
can you see my appearance clearly?”
He also touched his eyes and asked his sister, “Sister, did I just touch my eyes or my nose?”

Camryn also looked at her younger brother quietly.
Trenton had gathered the advantages of his parents to grow up, and he had a very good appearance. Camryn was also like his
mother, and she was somewhat similar to Trenton.
After a while, Camryn stretched out her hand and touched Trenton’s face, touching it bit by bit, from his face to his eyes, his
nose, and then to his forehead, she wanted to laugh, His eyes were red, and tears rolled in his eyes.
“Trenton…” Camryn choked up, “I saw you again, ten years, ten years later, I can finally see you again, you have grown up and
are taller than me.”
“Camryn, don’t cry, it’s a good thing to see, you should be happy. Dr. Carden also said, don’t cry during the treatment, it’s not
good for the treatment.” When Callum saw that his beloved fiancée’s eyes were red, he quickly reminded her not to cry.
When she could see him, she was actually so excited that she wanted to cry.
As soon as Trenton heard it, he hurriedly said: “Sister, my brother-in-law is right, you can’t shed tears, it’s a good thing to see, we
should all be happy, don’t cry.”
As he spoke, he touched his sister and wiped her tears with his hand. He also said: “Sister, you can see the light again, and I am
also relieved, and can study with peace of mind.”
The oldest sister killed her relatives righteously, causing his parents and the second sister born to the first mother to go in. The
second sister would come out soon, but the parents would not be so fast, and he’s afraid that they would end up in prison.
His parents broke the law, which also had a great impact on him.
At school, he dared not mention his parents to his classmates.
he’s afraid that others would know that his parents were so vicious.
Trenton couldn’t accept the elder sister’s righteous killing of relatives for a while. He didn’t hate the elder sister, but it was difficult
to face it.
The sibling relationship once fell to the bottom.
When he figured it out, he had the last phone call.

In fact, Trenton also felt guilty in his heart, because his parents caused the elder sister’s blindness.
More than anyone else, he hoped that his eldest sister’s eyes could be cured, and felt that if his eldest sister could see again, his
parents’ sins could be alleviated.

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