Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2368

Trenton: “Okay.”
Camryn pulled Trenton to sit down, and then asked him: “Why did you come back all of a sudden? It’s not a year or festival, you
don’t have to go to class?”
Trenton: “Sister, the last time I talked to you on the phone, I was quite worried. I wanted to know how your eye treatment was
going, so I took a few days off and came back to have a look.”
Camryn said to him: “You don’t know how to make phone calls, and you even asked for leave to come back, stay at home for two
days, and then hurry back to school.”
At this moment, Callum said, “Camryn, since Trenton has returned from leave, let him drink my elder brother’s wedding wine
before going back to school.”
Camryn asked Trenton how many days off he had taken.
Trenton: “One week.”
The wedding of Zachary and Serenity would be held three days later.
Camryn said: “Then drink your big brother York’s wedding wine and go back to school. There will be nothing serious in the future.
Don’t ask for leave, study hard, and come back after winter and summer vacations. I will arrange for you to go to the company
for an internship to hone your skills.”
Camryn took over Newman’s enterprise, she would not monopolize it, and always remembered that she had a part of her
younger brother.
“Sister, I’m not interested in doing business.”
Trenton wisely didn’t want to interfere with the Newman family’s business.
He felt that one mountain cannot have two tigers.
If he entered Newman’s enterprise, those who had followed his father for many years would naturally favor him.
The eldest sister was cultivating her confidants.

At that time, even if the siblings had no intention of fighting for power and profit, those followers would help them fight, which
would not only affect the future of the company but also destroy the relationship between the siblings.
Besides, Trenton really didn’t like doing business.
After a moment of silence, Camryn asked her younger brother, “What do you want to do after graduating from university?”
Trenton: “I like drawing, I like photography, and I want to be a painter and a photographer.”
Camryn didn’t say that she supported her younger brother, nor did she say anything against him. She just said: “You will work in
our company during the winter and summer vacations, and I will count your salary for you. We will talk about the future.”
Trenton hummed, then asked, “Is brother-in-law’s eldest brother getting married?”
Callum corrected him, “My eldest brother got married a long time ago, and now it’s a wedding.”
Trenton smiled embarrassedly, he said the wrong thing.
“Then it’s really time for me to come back to attend Brother York’s wedding.”
The eldest sister’s eyes were also recovering, and he believed that after a while, the eldest sister would be able to return to
normal vision.
Trenton felt that her world was bright again, and it was no longer dark.
A servant came in.
Camryn looked at her, and couldn’t see clearly the servant’s appearance, but she could hear who the servant was through the
sound of footsteps.
“Missy, young master, the eldest aunt and the second aunt are here again, no matter how hard they rush, they refuse to leave.
They insist on seeing the eldest lady, and they also say that the eldest lady will not see them, so they are lying at the door.”
The Joyner family and the Chandler family joined forces to pretend to be Callum and wanted to kidnap Camryn. After being
found out, they were naturally suppressed and retaliated by Callum.
Now, the business of the Joyner family and the Chandler family had all rushed.

The company went bankrupt and owed debts, and needed to sell houses, cars, jewelry and other luxuries to pay off the debts.
At this time, the two families knew they were afraid.
Only then did they understand the consequences of their touching Camryn.
Men from the York family, especially men who dote on their wives, must not be messed with!

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