Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2373

Camryn added: “Don’t take what they say to your heart, and don’t just listen to their nonsense. When you can’t believe it if you
are as close as your siblings, do you think you can believe them?”
Trenton nodded vigorously again.
Trenton: “Sister, I won’t be coaxed by them anymore.”
Camryn nodded and said, “In this family, you are the kindest and most righteous person. You are not influenced by your parents.
You insist on yourself and you are a very independent person.”
Her mother often taught Trenton to get close to Carrie, saying that he and Carrie were real siblings.
Trenton didn’t listen to his mother.
He had liked his elder sister since he was a child, and no matter what anyone said, he would not change his habit of sticking with
“Sister, can you tell me what happened during my time at school?”
Trenton knew that the elder sister was cruel, but she didn’t mean that she was so cruel that there was no room for it.
As for his elder sister, she obviously did not intend to kill them all at first, as long as the two aunts did not go back to their natal
family to fight for the family property, she would not bother to talk to them.
It’s just that the cousins of the Joyner family and the Chandler family were kicked out of Newman’s company by the elder sister.
The elder sister told him that the two cousins were domineering in the Newman’s enterprise, and they even took back kickbacks,
etc. Anyway, they plundered a lot of money from his family’s company.
In the past, his father didn’t care, because his father was his uncle, cousins didn’t dare to be aggressive in front of his father, and
uncles also tolerated their nephews.
It’s different when the elder sister was in the top position.
For those who were useless to the company, his elder sister would fire them all regardless of their backing.
It was just fired, and the matter was not pursued.

But this time, when Trenton came back and saw the two aunts coming to cry and beg for forgiveness and to let them go, he
guessed that the two aunts must have done something to the elder sister, and the elder sister would take revenge in a rage and
let the Joyner family and the Chandler family go bankrupt.
Just now he saw the clothes of the two aunts, they were so plain that they didn’t even put on makeup on their faces.
This was something that the two aunts never had.
Would do so, may be really out of money.
Camryn said indifferently: “The matter is over, anyway, the elder sister is fine, and they are the losers.”
His elder sister spoke calmly, but Trenton could guess the extreme thrill at that time.
The elder sister didn’t want to say anything, so Trenton didn’t ask any more questions.
After being silent for a long time, Camryn suddenly told his younger brother: “At the beginning of next year, when the lunar
calendar is in its first year, your second sister, Carrie, will be able to come out.”
Speaking of the second sister, Trenton curled his lips and said, “Come out as soon as she comes out. She will turn our house
upside down if she comes out. Sister, pay attention to her. She will definitely be with the two aunts.”
Carrie was the most beloved niece of Brenda and Amy.
Camryn smiled, “I wasn’t afraid of her when I was blind. Now that I can see, it’s even more impossible to be afraid of her. She’s
just a child spoiled by your parents.”
Without her parents as a backer and without money, Carrie couldn’t do anything. She couldn’t move an inch.
Now who in Wiltspoon didn’t know that Camryn was the first head of the Newman family?

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