Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2374

Carrie, the second young lady of the Newman family, had long been forgotten, and when she came out, it would be difficult to
make a comeback.
Regarding her half-sister who always wanted to plot against her and kill her, Camryn didn’t intend to make her feel better.
She treated Carrie whatever Carrie did to her in the past, and she didn’t repay Carrie twice. Camryn felt that she was kind.
While the siblings were chatting, Callum was cooking in the kitchen.
Trenton smelled the fragrance, and said to Camryn: “Sister, my brother-in-law is very good at cooking. I smell the fragrance, and
I feel very hungry and want to eat.”
Camryn frowned, “The dishes he cooks are delicious. Grandma is a unique wealthy old lady. Her way of educating children is
also different from others. There are nine cousins in your brother-in-law’s family. He said that everyone can cook.
They were raised by grandma. He said that grandma was greedy, so she forced her grandchildren to cook to satisfy her appetite.
In fact, she cultivated them to be able to take care of themselves. No one knows how long their family will be rich?
With a strong self-care ability and an extra skill, I won’t starve to death in the future and can survive in this society.
It is said that the best cook is the Sixth Young Master, Tatum York, and he is the younger brother of the oldest young master,
Zachary York.”
Tatum was the most low-key, Camryn had never dealt with him.
When she and Callum got engaged, they heard that Tatum had gone to other places to participate in a cooking competition, and
he couldn’t make it back to attend her and Callum’s engagement banquet.
However, in two days, the wedding between Zachary and Serenity, Tatum would definitely come back to attend the wedding.
Don’t talk about her sister-in-law next door; even Serenity’s sister-in-law rarely interacted with her brother-in-law.
That is, before Liberty’s divorce, sonny was snatched by the Brown family and taken to the countryside. As long as the York
brothers were in Wiltspoon, they would go out.
But at that time, Serenity’s attention was all on her nephew, and she didn’t pay much attention to her brother-in-law.

Trenton said with a smile: “Grandma may is famous for her wisdom in our Wiltspoon. The old people say that the old man of the
York family has unique eyesight. Marrying such a good wife as Grandma May will be a blessing for three generations. “
The reason why the York family could flourish and prosper more and more was because of Grandma May.
Grandma May educated her son well and raised her grandson well. Even her grandson-in-law took care of her own eyes. She
did so much in the hope that the York family could prosper for a few more generations.
Marrying an unvirtuous wife would harm the three generations, but marrying a virtuous wife would bless the three generations.
Grandma May was still alive.
Trenton thought that, in the future, he would also marry a good woman, work hard to develop their Newman family, and rewrite
the Newman family’s family style. He didn’t be like his father and his uncle. Both brothers were planted by his mother’s hand.
His mother gave birth to him, and he couldn’t say that his mother was a good woman against his conscience.
His uncle married an unvirtuous wife and lost his life. Although his father didn’t lose his life, he was also in trouble. This was the
consequence of marrying an unvirtuous wife.
“I’m going to see what my brother-in-law cooks. It’s so delicious.” Trenton couldn’t help getting up and walking into the kitchen.
Callum heard footsteps, turned his head and saw that it was his brother-in-law. He said gently: “Trenton, you will be able to eat
soon. If you are hungry, eat some snacks to fill your stomach, but don’t eat too much, so as not to overwhelm the dinner.”
Trenton: “Brother-in-law, what dishes did you cook? I could smell the aroma in the hall, and the gluttons in my stomach were
hooked out.”
Callum smiled, “I didn’t cook much, it’s all your sister’s favorite food.”
Trenton joked: “Brother-in-law, I rarely come back once, and you don’t cook a few of my favorite dishes.”
“You’re not picky about food. You eat what your sister likes, and you eat what your sister doesn’t like. Do you need to cook other

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