Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2377

There were only Kevin and Hayden in the private room.
Hayden tried to pull back her hand, but Kevin held it tightly, and she couldn’t pull it back if she didn’t let go.
“Kevin, how long are you going to pretend?”
Kevin was lying on the table, holding Hayden’s hand tightly with one hand.
Kevin: “Drink, come, drink…have another drink!”
Hayden stared at him with a dark face.
After a while, she calmed down, no matter whether he was really drunk or fake drunk, she had to send him back to the hotel
Hayden got up resignedly, helped Kevin who was drunk, walked out of the private room, and planned to send Kevin back to
Fortress Hotel.
Ten minutes later.
Hayden helped Kevin to the bedside and put him on the bed.
He took her hand and let go naturally.
Seeing him falling into bed and going to sleep, Hayden thought he was really drunk.
She knelt down, helped him take off his shoes and socks, then helped him adjust his sleeping position, covered him with a thin
quilt. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and watched him.
Looking at him, she couldn’t help stretching out her hand to pinch Kevin’s face, and said to him: “Isn’t it just that I refused to
accompany you back to the wedding as a girlfriend, why should you be so depressed? Drinking is like drinking water, It’s your
fault if you’re not drunk to death.
I’ve never been a bridesmaid before, so I dare not be your sister-in-law’s bridesmaid.”
Hayden received Serenity’s invitation and wanted her to join the bridesmaids.
Hayden declined.

She hadn’t decided yet whether to publicly admit that she was actually a woman for Kevin.
Not to mention being a bridesmaid for anyone, so she declined Serenity’s invitation.
She only had experience as a best man, not a bridesmaid.
Serenity understood her and didn’t blame her, but Kevin looked depressed these days.
That day she wore women’s clothing to show him, and went on a date with him again, and he was in a beautiful mood like a
blooming flower.
Suddenly feeling down, Hayden guessed it was because of the bridesmaid.
Kevin fell asleep and didn’t hear what Hayden said.
Hayden: “Finish what you’re doing today. Tomorrow, I’ll accompany you back to Wiltspoon to attend your elder brother and sister-
in-law’s wedding.”
When Josh and Jasmine got married, all four members of Hayden family went to drink the wedding wine, giving Josh enough
Now that Zachary and Serenity were going to hold a wedding, the four members of Queen family would naturally go to have a
wedding banquet. This time, they would go to Wiltspoon two days earlier than last time.
Donald told his wife and son that Zachary would be his daughter’s eldest brother in the future, and the two families would
become in-laws. The in-laws’ family had a happy event, and they had to go there early to see if they could help.
After the wedding, they could come back in a hurry, and it wouldn’t be too late for them to come back.
Anyway, it was to ask the family of four to stay in Wiltspoon for a few more days.
The purpose was to let Hayden know about the people in the future in-law’s family.
Hayden said: “Kevin, I can put on women’s clothes for you once, even though it’s only for you to see, in fact, it’s a sign that I’m in
love with you, and I’m not good at expressing feelings.”
She pinched his face and touched it instead.

This man, Kevin, was very handsome.
Except for being cheeky when pursuing her, Kevin was excellent in other aspects. It’s no wonder that he easily conquered her

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