Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2431

Serenity: “Grandma, let’s go out for a while.”
Marriage leave was good, She didn’t have to think about getting up early to go to work, and She didn’t have to worry about the
big and small things in the company. She just need to eat and drink well, and have a good rest.
Grandma May smiled and said, “We’ll go shopping again after I finish my breakfast.”
Zachary readily agreed. Then Grandma May left.
After Zachary and Serenity had eaten and drank enough, Grandma May came back from outside the house.
Serenity waited for grandma to have breakfast, but while waiting, Sonny fell asleep in her arms.
Grandma May: “This kid just got up and fell asleep again.”
Zachary touched Sonny’s face affectionately, and said, “Sonny must have been exhausted these two days. He fell asleep; I’ll
carry him upstairs to rest. Wife; you’ll go with grandma later. I’m not going; I’m staying with Sonny.”
Zachary returned to his room early last night, and it appeared that he fell asleep very early, but he was so excited that he couldn’t
fall asleep, so he lay down on the bed. It took him a while to fall asleep, and he awoke early today to prepare a loving breakfast
for his beloved wife.
The main reason was that he had been busy with the wedding matters these few days, and now that the wedding was over, he
had to catch up on sleep.
Serenity: “Well, catch up on sleep, I’ve had enough sleep.”
Zachary got up, carefully picked up the sleeping Sonny from Serenity’s arms, and went upstairs.
Grandma May ate very quickly and came out of the dining hall very quickly.
Serenity saw Grandma May going out, she got up to meet her, and wanted to help her.
Grandma May: “Seren, grandma is not old enough to need your help.”
Grandma May smiled and took Serenity’s hand, instead of Serenity helping her, she led Serenity back to the sofa and sat down.
“Where are Zack and Sonny?”

The grandson disappeared, and Grandma May asked casually, “Aren’t they with you just now? Did they go out to play?”
She didn’t hear Sonny’s laughter.
Every time Sonny came to Wildridge Manor, he liked to go to the children’s amusement park. He could play there all day. As long
as Sonny came over, his laughter would echo in the children’s amusement park, and Grandma May liked to listen to it.
It reminded Grandma May of when her grandchildren were young, a few grandchildren played together, lively and lively, and the
elder brother would take care of the younger brother, which made her feel relieved to see it.
Although the nine grandchildren were not born to the same mother, they were only cousins, but under the education of her
grandmother, the nine grandchildren were like brothers, and they were more affectionate than brothers.
Zachary’s status as an elder brother was also unshakable.
A group of people must have a backbone.
Zachary was the elder brother, so he would become the backbone among the brothers.
Serenity: “Sonny had to be exhausted after the last two days. He fell asleep after he had finished his meal. Zachary carried him
upstairs to catch up on sleep, and he slept as well.”
The most tired person was probably Zachary up. He was busy with their wedding affairs, and was distracted from caring about
her, so he took time to accompany her.
Grandma May smiled and said: “Then let them both sleep well for a day. Not only them, everyone has been exhausted for the
past two days. Fortunately, these two days are weekends. They can recover after two days of rest.”

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