Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2433

Serenity said: “Grandma, I didn’t put pressure on myself, just let nature take its course.”
Grandma May hummed, “Yes, let nature take its course, having children is fate and a blessing. I’ve nine grandchildren, and there
will always be one who can do what my wishes.”
Serenity still comforted grandma a few words.
Grandma May smiled and said: “I am not have such a long life to see that they all marry wives and have children.”
Rowan was still a student.
It would take more than ten years for Rowan to marry a wife. Grandma May was not confident that she could live for more than
ten years. She thought that she could live for ten or eight years at most, so she was going to reunite with her husband.
The children and grandchildren had their own blessings, and there was only so much she could do for them. In the future, they
would depend on them and see their fate.
Serenity: “grandma.”
Grandma May: “Okay, okay, grandma won’t talk about those things.”
Grandma May dotingly said: “Let’s take a walk at the foot of the mountain.”
Serenity: “Grandma, will you be tired?”
Grandma May: “No, you are tired, I won’t be tired, let’s go.”
Serenity replied: “Grandma, you’re not afraid of being tired, and neither am I.”
She was not a delicate young lady; even if she became a little delicate after being taken care of by Zachary after pregnancy,
taking a walk would not affect her.
Here, Grandma May and Serenity walked together and chatted.
Liberty over there just got up.
After she got up, she habitually went to the children’s room, opened the door, and saw that the bed was empty without the little
figure of her son. She was stunned for a moment before remembering that her son was with her sister.

Her sister was actually married.
She sent her sister to marry.
She fulfilled her elder sister’s responsibility.
Gently closing the door of the children’s room, Liberty went to Serenity’s boudoir and stayed in her room for a while before going
Mrs. Lane had already prepared breakfast, and Duncan was waiting for her downstairs.
Duncan stayed at Hunt’s house yesterday, only his family went to York’s house for a wedding instead of him. He had limited
mobility and didn’t want to bother everyone.
Although his friends would not dislike him.
But when he passed, there would always be someone to take care of him.
He was also unwilling to face everyone’s concern and sympathy.
Therefore, he stayed at Hunt’s house and stayed with Liberty.
Serenity got married, Sonny was a flower girl, and went to York’s house with her aunt, Liberty was the only one who guarded
Hunt’s house. Duncan knew Liberty’s inner reluctance, and also knew that she thought of her parents who died early.
After Serenity went out, Liberty hid in her room and cried for a long time, until her eyes were swollen.
After Duncan found out, he comforted her, and Liberty only said: “I miss my parents.”
Duncan didn’t know how to comfort her, so he could only keep handing her tissues to wipe her tears.
The moment she lost her parents, the sky fell for Liberty.
But she couldn’t fall down, she had to take care of Serenity who was only ten years old at the time, if she fell down, what would
Serenity do?
The 200,000 dollars in compensation would be divided among those top relatives again.

For Serenity, she must face the pain of losing her parents with strength, and she was Serenity’s backer.
When Serenity got married, Liberty thought of her parents, and she was worthy of them.
“Mr. Lewis, you got up so early, why don’t you sleep more?”
After Liberty smiled and said good morning to Duncan, Duncan said that he would not sleep much.
Last night, Duncan stayed at Hunt’s house and lived in the guest room.

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