Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2435

“Don’t worry, take your time. You have made great progress. Many people like you have difficulty standing up independently. You
have been able to take two or three steps, which is very good. Don’t give yourself too much stress, pay attention to the body. The
body is the capital of the revolution.”
Liberty pushed him to the front of the lawn, and said to him: “MR. Lewis, you walk slowly on the lawn, even if you fall, it won’t hurt
too much.”
In Lewis’s house, when Duncan practiced walking, he was also on the lawn.
Duncan looked up at her and said to her: “I will fall, and it will be ugly. Liberty, don’t laugh at me, and don’t feel sorry for me. This
is the pain I have to go through, and it is also a recovery process.”
Knowing that Duncan had strong self-esteem, Liberty nodded and said, “I won’t laugh at you. If you think I will put a lot of
pressure on you here, I can go away.”
Duncan: “No, you give me a lot of motivation. For you, I will grit my teeth and persevere.”
If it wasn’t for Liberty and wanted to give Liberty happiness, Duncan would not be able to quickly adjust his mentality and cheer
Maybe just like when he just got out of a car accident, he gave up on himself.
At that time, he really felt desperate, thinking that he could only sit in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
The first thing he thought of was that he didn’t want to drag Liberty down. He wanted to force Liberty to stay away from him, and
even resent him.
Liberty didn’t stay away from him.
She said that she didn’t love him and didn’t accept his feelings, but she was not a heartless person. Even if he deliberately made
things difficult for her and treated her badly, she still went to the hospital to visit him every day and take care of him.
Liberty said she took his mother’s money, Duncan knew that his mother really wanted to give it to her, and Liberty would not
accept it.
She’s not the kind of woman who wanted money.

“Mr. Lewis, come on, you are the best!” Liberty made a cheering gesture towards him.
Duncan smiled, “Am I really the best?”
Liberty smiled, “In my heart and Sonny’s, you are the best, come on!”
Her smile was as bright as a flower, filling Duncan with confidence.
He stood up with great effort, Liberty instinctively wanted to reach out to support him, but stretched out his hand, then retracted
Let him do it himself.
After Duncan stood up, his legs were still shaking. He stood still for a while before he could take a step. After taking a step, he
stopped again and kept shaking his legs. Sweat was already forming on his forehead and face.
Liberty looked stressed, she endured it, and didn’t reach out to help him.
She believed that he could hold on, overcome difficulties, and take one step, two steps, three steps, or even countless steps.
Duncan took another step. He wanted to go on to the third step without stopping, but unfortunately his two legs were not strong
enough, so after the third step, he couldn’t hold on and fell to the ground.
He fell very embarrassingly.
Liberty walked over quickly.
“Mr. Lewis.”
Duncan raised his hand to stop her from trying to help him, he said: “Let me do it myself, this kind of thing depends on myself,
you can’t help me.”
He had a firm will and insisted on rehabilitation.
Others really couldn’t help him.
Liberty stood aside, watched Duncan sit on the ground and rested for a while. The Duncan stood up on his own, but his legs still
couldn’t exert much strength. After standing up, he fell down and sat down again on the ground.

“Mr. Lewis, why don’t you just sit down for a while longer.” Liberty said distressedly.
Now she could understand that when Duncan was undergoing rehabilitation, even Mrs. Lewis was not allowed to be by his side.
It’s not that Duncan felt ashamed of himself; it’s because he didn’t want people who cared about him to look at him like this and
feel sorry for him.

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