Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2438

Now he and Liberty were not talking about relationships, and Liberty was not talking about relationships with anyone else. This
was a good thing.
Oh, that drunk man wanted to pursue Liberty. Except for Duncan, who was unprepared, she was approached by the drunk man
at the All You Can Eat restaurant. After meeting Liberty, Duncan knew of the existence of such a love rival and secretly
intercepted him to prevent him from having another chance to approach her.
How could Duncan let others take away the person he had guarded for more than a year?
“Mr. Lewis, the sun didn’t rise today; why would your face be red?” Liberty said suddenly.
Duncan: “…Is there any? Maybe it’s because I practiced for too long just now. I was tired and out of breath, so my face turned a
little red.”
He refused to admit that he blushed because she wiped his sweat.
After all, he was almost 40 years old. He had never eaten pork or seen a pig walking. What’s more, he was in the world during
his rebellious period. What hadn’t he seen before?
Duncan didn’t think he was an innocent man. He had seen everything and had a lot of experience.
Liberty: “Mr. Lewis, don’t tire yourself out. Your leg is still recovering. If you are too tired and injured, it will be counterproductive.
The doctor also told you to take it easy.”
Duncan: “It’s okay, I can hold on. However, I will go to the hospital for a review the day after tomorrow. Liberty, are you free
tomorrow? Can you accompany me to the hospital for a review?”
After Duncan drank the water, he looked up at Liberty with deep eyes.
Every time he went to the hospital for a review, if he wasn’t accompanied by his parents or brother, more often than not he would
be accompanied by his two bodyguards.
He really wanted Liberty to accompany him.
Liberty agreed without thinking, “Seren will come back tomorrow. I have time the day after tomorrow. Mr. Lewis, what time did
you make an appointment? I will pick you up from your house and accompany you to the hospital for a review.”

Duncan smiled and said: “There is no need to pick me up. Our two families are close together. I simply ask the driver to bring me
here. I typically arrive at the hospital around eight in the morning which I can complete the exam early, and return early.”
What he hated most now was the hospital, but he had to go.
Duncan added: “Tomorrow, Serenity will return home. She has to eat three times. I’ll arrange someone to come over to help you
tomorrow, otherwise you and Mrs. Lane will be exhausted.”
Yesterday the Hunt family had dinner, and Duncan arranged for someone to come over to help.
Liberty said: “Tomorrow, only a few of my closest family members will come over for dinner, Mrs. Lane and I can handle it, but I
still have to entertain guests, that’s fine, please help me arrange some people to come over to help, I’ll pay the salary.”
The business of the restaurant was good, so she couldn’t recruit people from the restaurant to help, so she had no choice but to
accept everyone’s kindness.
Duncan pretended to be angry and said: “Liberty, why are you being polite to me? Don’t talk about my feelings for you, even for
the sake of Zachary, I can’t accept your money. They work here. Those who received a salary, arranged for them to help you
temporarily, and I calculated another daily wage for them.
Don’t give it any more, you are being polite to me for only a thousand or a few hundred dollars. Besides, you pay for it, I’m going
to be angry.”
Liberty smiled, “Well, it’s only a thousand or a few hundred dollars, I won’t be polite to you, and you will pay for it.”
Anyway, he let her do whatever he wanted every day. Even if he ate at the restaurant, she wouldn’t charge him any money, so it
could be offset.
Love for love, reason for reason.
She didn’t want to take advantage.
Only then did Duncan ease his expression, and said, “Well, they are old acquaintances and old friends, and you always count
them so clearly with me.”
Thinking that Liberty and Zachary were clearly counted, Duncan didn’t want to benefit; he thought in his heart that Liberty
accepted his love and treated him as a family member.

At the same time, the Wiltspoon Hotel.

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