Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2439

Julian, who had never been drunk since he knew how to drink, got very drunk at Zachary’s wedding for the first time.
That wine was delicious!
With Kiera by his side, he was in a good mood, so he drank a lot of wine.
When he was drinking it, he praised it as a good wine.
The wine had so much stamina that he actually got drunk!
Opening his eyes, Julian felt a headache, and he closed his eyes again.
He hadn’t slept enough, but his headache won’t hurt so much.
Soon, he opened his eyes again.
Just because he found himself lying in a strange room.
Where was he?
He was not with his Bucham family or in his own villa.
Wasn’t his body picked up after he was drunk?
Logically impossible.
He drank the wedding wine at the York Family’s Wildridge Manor, even if he was drunk, no one would dare to pick up his corpse
unless he wanted to die.
Julian didn’t care about his headache, and sat up suddenly from the bed. The quilt that covered him slipped off, and he was
relieved to see himself under the quilt, fully clothed and not stripped naked.
Everyone in the upper class in Wiltspoon knew that Julian was wearing a man’s skin in vain, and he was actually like a eunuch.
No one would want to take advantage of him by stripping him naked while he was drunk.
However, his coat was taken off.
After Julian sat up, he also saw everything in the room clearly. He seemed to be in a hotel.

He slid out of the bed, went to the bed and looked down, and knew that he was in Wiltspoon Hotel at the moment.
In York’s hotel.
Julian was completely relieved, turned around, fell back on the bed, and rubbed his painful temples.
Why did it hurt so much?
Hangovers could really cause headaches.
It felt like his head was going to explode; it hurt to death.
“Ring ring ring…”
The phone rang.
Julian touched his trouser pocket, and his mobile phone was still in his trouser pocket, explaining that the person who sent him to
the hotel just helped him take off his coat and didn’t touch him again, and didn’t even take out his mobile phone for him to put
At this moment, Julian, who was awake, guessed that the person who sent him to the hotel must be Kiera.
Kiera accompanied him to the wedding of Zachary and Serenity. Because of his advance warning, everyone only dared to call
him President Bucham, and no one called him Young Master Bucham.
Kiera didn’t know that the person named Josh she saw last night was his cousin.
At the wedding banquet, he and Josh had never met face to face, and he was just not far from Josh, pointing at Josh and telling
Kiera that that was President Bucham of the York Corporation.
At that time, Kiera praised Josh so well that he almost overturned the jar of jealousy.

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