Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2441

Kiera smiled and said, “I don’t come here often, Mr. Bucham, do you have a headache? Do you want to eat?”
She was full.
“It hurts. To be honest, it’s the first time I’ve been drunk, and it’s the first time I’ve tasted the headache after a hangover. It feels
like my head is about to be torn apart. It hurts so much that I want to wring my head off.” Julian said. As he spoke, he raised his
head and rubbed his painful temples.
He was still complaining in his heart that the wine prepared by Zachary was so delicious that it made them all drunk.
Zachary: …I have prepared wine for you, and you are going to blame me? He was not drunk even though he was the groom, but
the best man was drunk because Julian was not a drinker.
Julian: …
“I have a headache and don’t want to eat, but I feel very hungry.” Julian said this with a bit of pitifulness, hoping to get Kiera’s
Kiera didn’t feel sorry for him, after all, she had no feelings, but out of politeness, she had to care about Julian.
“I’ll ask the front desk if there is any honey. Ask them for some honey and make a glass of honey water for you to drink. It can
relieve your headache. If it doesn’t work, you can go to the hospital and ask the doctor to prescribe some medicine for you.”
Kiera said, “Even if you have a headache, you still have to eat something. You can’t get hungry. If you want to eat breakfast, I’ll
go outside and pack it for you. At this point, the breakfast in the cafeteria is probably not available.”
After a while All had lunch.
Julian didn’t even eat breakfast.
Julian: “Thank you, Ms. Caron. I just want to eat something light. Have you eaten, Ms. Caron?”
Kiera said with a smile, “I didn’t drink any alcohol yesterday, and I wasn’t drunk. I woke up early today. But I get up early every
day, and I usually have to get up early to practice at home. There is no practice room here, so I go for a run outside, and when I
come back, I tuck into the cafeteria for breakfast.
I have to say that the buffet restaurant of Wiltspoon Hotel is my favorite. Every time I go in with an empty stomach, I have to hold
my stomach and hold on the wall when I come out.”

Julian was amused by her words. When he smiled, his head hurt even more.
Kiera: “Mr. Bucham, you have a headache. I’ll go to the front desk right away and ask if there is any honey. If not, I’ll buy it
outside. You boil some water in the room first, then pour it out and put it in a cup. You can only drink honey with warm boiled
Julian: “Okay, please excuse me, Ms. Caron.”
Kiera: “You’re welcome.”
Kiera took the initiative to end the call, and then went downstairs with her mobile phone and room card.
Fortunately, there was honey at the front desk. The front desk filled a disposable cup with more than half a cup of honey, put the
disposable cup in a ziplock bag, and then handed it to Kiera.
“Thank you.”
Kiera took the honey and turned to leave. Thinking of packing breakfast for Julian, she turned around and handed the half cup of
honey to the front desk, begging: “Excuse me, can you help me get this? Can a cup of honey be delivered to room 308? My
friend was drunk last night, and now he wakes up with a headache, let him drink a cup of honey water to relieve his headache.”
The Wiltspoon Hotel was not open yesterday during the day, but that didn’t mean people didn’t live in the hotel. Guests who
came to attend the wedding from other places, except those who had a particularly good personal relationship with the York
family, lived in the Wildridge Manor, and everyone else lived in the Wiltspoon Hotel.
Julian was Zachary’s best man. Many people didn’t know that Julian was the young master who never saw his head and tail, but
seeing him as Zachary’s best man, they could guess that he was either rich or noble. Last night, Kiera brought the drunk Julian
over to stay in the hotel.
The people in the hotel had an impression of him, and immediately arranged a room for Julian.
But Kiera didn’t know that the people in the hotel had an impression of them.
She thought, five-star hotel, people came in and out, how could they remember so many people?
The front desk readily agreed.

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