Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2443

Julian smiled: “Maybe I seldom drink boiled water. I have never done it like this.”
He suddenly understood why Zachary and Serenity fell into love in the end after their flash marriage. Zachary lived with her. The
down-to-earth life that he had never lived before, he felt new at the beginning, and he was not used to it, but later on he not only
got used to it, but also became greedy.
That’s why Zachary had been lying to Serenity by hiding his true identity.
Julian thought, when would he make it clear to Kiera?
He couldn’t follow Zachary’s old path, could he?
Serenity was such a good-tempered person, but she had been deceived by him for so long. When she found out the truth, he
was so angry that she wanted to divorce Zachary, scared Zachary so much, and did things that shocked everyone.
Kiera had a clear distinction between love and hate, she seemed carefree and didn’t like to care about it, but she really stepped
on her tail, and when she was angry, she could even destroy the house.
Cheating is, well, not advisable.
The masters behind the York family didn’t dare to hide their identities like Zachary when they were chasing their wives. They all
disclosed their identities, but they were afraid of being like Zachary.
“Mr. Bucham?”
Kiera saw that Julian was looking straight at her without blinking, and called to him in puzzlement.
Julian came to his senses.
“I was fascinated by thinking about things just now.” Julian said shyly.
Kiera asked gossiping: “Mr. Bucham, what are you thinking about? You are so obsessed with it.”
She called him several times in succession, but Julian didn’t respond. She almost reached out and patted him.
If it were her brother or the other coaches in the martial arts gym, she promised to slap him.

“I thought about a friend. Ms. Caron, if someone cheated you, it would take a long time to cheat you, but for him, he has
difficulties. After you know the truth, will you forgive him?”
“No matter what the reasons are, it’s wrong to lie to others. No one wants to be deceived. He has been deceived for a long time.
If he knows the truth, he must not be p!ssed off. If you know the truth, don’t cheat from the beginning.” Kiera said to Julian: “Mr.
Bucham, you have to persuade your friends well, if you don’t plan to cheat for a lifetime, you should be honest with the person
who was cheated by him as soon as possible. Everything, try to get the other party’s forgiveness.”
Julian smiled and said, “Yes, what you said makes sense, and I will tell my friend.”
He tested it like this and knew Kiera’s bottom line.
After two days, after he sent Kiera back to Yonsburg, he should confess everything to Kiera.
However, after being honest, he was afraid that he would not be able to go to the martial arts gym again.
Although he didn’t really want to learn martial arts at Caron’s martial arts gym, his boxing and kicking skills should be on par with
Kiera’s. The two of them had never fought before, so he didn’t know who was superior and who was inferior for the time being.
When he saw Kiera take action that night, he guessed that their skills were equally matched.
If he didn’t go to the home martial arts gym, he couldn’t get close to the route of getting the moon first.
Julian thought about what Kiera said and decided that if he couldn’t find a way around, he should just leave it. He wasn’t able to
deceive Kiera. If she found out the truth in the future and was so angry that she wanted to leave him, he might go crazy like
Zachary did.

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