Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2445

Julian thought about it carefully, nodded in agreement with Kiera’s statement, and said, “If you really like it, you really have to be
honest with each other. Ms. Caron, thank you. I will have a good chat with my friend. Let him stop hiding it.”
Kiera smiled and said: “Mr. Bucham, there is no need to thank me. I just expressed my opinion. Everyone has different ideas. We
feel that we should not lie to others. Others do not think so. Some people are used to living in lies.
You can talk to your friend. He will listen to you. If he doesn’t, you don’t have to talk anymore. We are the ones who pretend to be
asleep because we can’t wake them up.”
Julian was quite embarrassed.
When he confessed to Kiera, he wondered what Kiera would think of him.
He had to arrange it so that Kiera would know his other identity naturally, and then he could explain it naturally.
After eating the breakfast that Kiera had packed back and drinking a glass of honey water, Julian felt a little better.
Kiera asked him: “Mr. Bucham, do you need to continue to rest?”
Julian: “It’s almost noon. I won’t sleep anymore. I’ll go for a walk and then take a lunch break after dinner. Now my head doesn’t
hurt so much.”
Kiera said: “Then let’s go shopping. I promised the children that I would bring them some small gifts when I go back.”
She said that the children were like bone dragons, and her tone was full of doting.
For her students, she actually spoiled them.
Julian had no objection. He wished he could go shopping with Kiera.
So, Julian, who seldom went shopping, accompanied Kiera to stroll around the streets near the hotel.
The two people were walking instead of driving. Not far away, they heard someone shouting, “Robbery, robbery.”
When Julian heard someone shouting, he thought he heard it wrong.

Some people still had the guts to rob someone on the street. Didn’t they know that there were cameras everywhere to watch
Even if the robbery was successful, the person would not be able to get away if someone called the police. He or she would be
caught sooner or later.
The two looked for the sound and saw a tall man holding a bag in his hand and running desperately. There was a woman
chasing behind him and shouting loudly, wanting everyone’s help. The woman was wearing high heels and couldn’t run fast.
The next moment, The woman really twisted her foot and fell to the ground.
Kiera immediately left Julian and ran towards the robber.
When she was almost approaching, she suddenly quickened her pace, ran a few steps quickly, then flew up and kicked the man.
The man avoided Kiera’s kick and glared at Kiera. Seeing that it was a woman, he didn’t take it seriously and kicked Kiera.
Kiera also kicked out, and the two kicked each other. Before the man could react, Kiera kicked out again and reached out to
snatch the bag in his hand.
“court death!”
The man was robbed and was already flustered. Suddenly he met a nosy woman. He was furious. After fighting, he found that
Kiera knew how to box and kick.
He actually pulled out a sharp knife and stabbed Kiera.

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