Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2447

Julian continueed: “Knowing martial arts and being able to defend myself is better. So when I was a young child, my parents sent
me to a martial arts school. My aptitude is excellent. I realized that martial arts are very effective after more than ten years of
However, no matter how good my martial arts is, I have no chance of winning when I’m besieged by many people. I met a
speeding gang that night.Ms. Caron, if you hadn’t passed by and rescued me, I would have been in trouble that night.
No matter what, Ms. Caron, you’re my lifesaver, but you have a high moral character and don’t need my repayment. I don’t want
to owe you any kindness. I always want to repay you, so I want to go to your Caron family martial arts gym to learn from a
teacher to pay more tuition as a way of repaying you.
Ms. Caron, I’m sorry, I lied to you.”
Kiera looked at him, and being looked at by her like this made Julian a little nervous, afraid that she would be angry at his
concealment and deception.
And his explanation was still lying to her.
It was his new lies that let her know that he actually knew martial arts and that his skills were quite good.
“Mr. Bucham, you told me about the deception in the hotel. Are you using your friend’s story to test my attitude towards
Kiera was straightforward and not stupid.
When Julian said that, she didn’t think about him, but now, she couldn’t help but think about him.
He must have listened to her views on deception before he confessed that he knew martial arts.
It also happened that someone was robbing her and she was in danger, so he stepped in to save her, which revealed that he
was good at boxing and kicking.
Julian blushed, “That’s right. Ms. Caron, you don’t like to deceive, I was thinking of telling you at the time, but I couldn’t open my
mouth, just now I made a move in a hurry, and there was a breakthrough, and I told you about it come out.
Ms. Caron, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have lied to you.”

Kiera asked him: “Is there any more? You told me, and did you still lie to me? You are trying to repay me and think of a stupid
way. I don’t need to care about you, but I really regard you as a friend. If you still lie to me in the future, I dare not be friend with
We haven’t known each other for a long time. I don’t know many things about you. It’s normal for me to get to know you. Even if
you can’t cheat, as long as you told me before and you don’t lie to me again.”
Kiera was not someone who could choose between eggs. She and Julian had known each other for only half a month at best.
Julian still didn’t understand many things about her, even her temperment. It’s not that he lied to her, it’s just that they were not
familiar with each other yet and didn’t understand each other.
Similarly, she didn’t understand Julian yet. When she got to know him later, she discovered that Julian had many sides. That was
the result of understanding, not deception.
She only asked that in the ten days since she met Julian, what Julian said to her and did to her was not deceptive.
“That’s gone. I said that I am the president of the Bucham Corporation. It is also a fact. I am really the president of the Bucham
Corporation. My family is very rich. This is also a fact. That is, my family is not only engaged in business, but also has some part-
time jobs. I haven’t told you about my side job yet, is this considered cheating?”
Kiera smiled and said, “I’m not checking your family tree. It’s normal for you to have reservations about your family’s business.
This is not deception.”
“But my part-time side job is a bit dangerous. Ms. Caron, you regard me as a friend. We get close. Maybe it will hurt you. Our
side job makes it easy to offend people.”
Kiera: “…Smuggling? Money laundering or drug trafficking?”
Julian had a dark look on his face, “Ms. Caron, we don’t do anything illegal. Instead, we often assist the police in catching
“Mr. Bucham, what kind of side business is your family engaged in?”
Seeing that Julian denied it, Kiera breathed a sigh of relief.
If the business run by Julian’s family was illegal, not only would she not make friends with Julian, but she would also report it.

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