Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2450

Serenity sat up and hugged him proactively, “Honey, I’m tired of you.”
Zachary: “For you, it doesn’t matter if I am a little tired. I hope that in the days to come, all the hard work will be left to me. As
long as you are happy and carefree.”
“You think I’m Sonny, so I can really be carefree. Well, go wash up, it’s really time for lunch, and everyone is already up. You’ve
slept all morning, don’t you feel hungry now?” Serenity nudged him, telling him to go wash up quickly.
Zachary reluctantly got out of bed, walked to the bathroom, and said in his mouth: “Seren, you are less attached to me. In the
past, you always had to spend an hour with me in the room, but now it only takes a few minutes to rush me.”
Serenity couldn’t laugh or cry.
She was ashamed to say that she used to wake him up, but in the end she stayed in the room for about an hour before going
out. It was because he coaxed him back to the bed and made a doll with him.
Despite his always serious and handsome face, in bed, he was so passionate that she couldn’t resist him.
Always she begged him for mercy.
Zachary: “Seren, help me find some clothes and come over and I’ll put them on.”
Serenity didn’t say anything, but she got out of bed and went to help him get clothes.
Now that Zachary was on wedding leave, he didn’t need to dress so formally, so she helped him get a set of casual clothes.
His clothes were relatively monotonous, a white short-sleeved shirt, black trousers, and only sportswear was short-leg pants.
Serenity also bought him cropped pants, but he wouldn’t wear them. He said his legs were too hairy and wearing shorts would
ruin his handsome image if the hair on his legs was exposed.
Only then did she realize that Zachary also loved beauty and worked very hard to maintain his handsome image.
“Although it’s late autumn, it’s still very hot in Wiltspoon. It’s only comfortable to wear shorts, but you don’t want to wear them.
Kevin is even willing to wear women’s clothes for Hayden. I bought you cropped pants, and you still think you don’t want to show
the hair on one of your legs.”

Serenity tucked the clothes in for him, talking about it.
“Kevin is wearing women’s clothing?” Zachary really didn’t know about this.
He leaned out his upper body, he had already taken off his shirt, showing his muscular upper body, suspected of delicately
seducing his beautiful wife.
Serenity looked at him at this moment, without the initial romance, and continued: “I heard what Hayden said. Hayden and I
talked well.”
“Kevin didn’t even tell me that he actually wore women’s clothes. In order to chase his wife, he worked very hard. Both of them
outshone me, the oldest brother, and even taught others how to live.”
Saying that, Zachary closed the bathroom door, and put on the white clothes and black trousers brought to him by Serenity.
Standard equipment when he was on vacation.
Serenity bought him shorts and asked him to wear them at home during vacations. It was not so hot when he went out, so he
was not used to wearing them. After protesting with Serenity once, he never saw pants like that again.
Even if he wanted to find one to wear now, but he couldn’t find it, it must have been taken away by Serenity and given away.
He didn’t know who she gave it to?
“Seren.” Zachary opened the door and came out and asked, “Where are the shorts you bought for me?”
Serenity: “You don’t want to wear it, so I returned it.”
Zachary immediately breathed a sigh of relief, it’s okay to return the goods. It’s okay to return the goods, the main thing was not
to give them to other men to wear.

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