Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2451

Zachary raised his head and met Serenity’s big bright eyes.
Serenity was looking up and down his figure.
Zachary suddenly felt bad.
Just as Zachary was about to speak, Serenity spoke first, and he heard her say: “Zachary, with your figure and face, if you
pretend to be a woman, you might also be a great beauty who will captivate the entire country.
However, you are too tall. Although your facial features are handsome, you are also tough and angular. Maybe you are
pretending to be a woman. It’s not like that. Kevin’s facial features are slightly softer than yours. He put on women’s clothes and
makeup and pretended to be a woman. Women are easy to pass through.”
Zachary guessed what Serenity thought like that. He straightened his waist and said, “How can a big and thick man like me
pretend to be a woman? Seren, let’s not compete with Kevin.”
Serenity smiled and said, “I have to say that what Kevin did really moved Hayden. Hayden said that she agreed to him by some
strange coincidence that day and put on women’s clothes, so that he could see her in women’s clothes.
She said that she has always liked dressing up as a man as long as she can remember. She has been dressing up as a man for
more than 20 years. She has long been used to it and it is difficult to change. Her parents have never seen her wearing women’s
clothing, but she dressed it for Kevin.”
Zachary held Serenity’s waist and led her out of the room. As he walked, he said, “So Kevin is too curled up and will not give
other men a way to survive. If he is curled up like that, he will be beaten sooner or later.”
Kevin was also very hardworking.
Serenity: “…Yes, Kevin is quite curly. I wonder if he and Hayden hope to get engaged this year? Although Hayden was moved by
him, she accepted his feelings, but she still did not regain her identity as a woman.
The love is not deep enough. Besides, Hayden has been dressing up as a man for more than 20 years. She is used to this kind
of lifestyle, and it will be difficult for her to change. It’s good to be able to wear women’s clothes for Kevin once.
If Kevin works so hard, he will definitely get engaged before the year. As for when he will get the certificate, it’s hard to say.
Maybe early next year, our family will have one after another happy events.”

Callum was engaged, and Camryn’s eyes were recovering, and she could see more and more things clearly and further and
further away.
Callum said that after Camryn recovered, the wedding would be held.
“Has Evan started? Did Evan’s fiancée attend our wedding?” When the love between Callum and Kevin came to fruition, Serenity
asked about Evan.
Zachary said: “Evan didn’t get anything from his grandma last time. I don’t know about him, so he probably hasn’t taken action
yet. He got the photo late and the deadline is next autumn. He doesn’t need to worry.
There is no pressure on him during the New Year this year. He has not taken any action. I don’t know which girl he chose. the girl
probably didn’t show up at our wedding.”
Evan said that he always dreamed about being entangled with a woman, but that woman was not the girl chosen by Grandma
May. He used this as an excuse to want her to spare him.
But Grandma May said, Let him find out the truth by himself. Why would he dream of a woman repeatedly and keep entangled
with each other? The girl chosen by Grandma May for him also wanted to get in touch, and only after getting in touch could he
find out the truth.
Zachary: “Seren, it’s still a great day for us. Don’t keep mentioning them. Everyone complains about Grandma and says they
don’t like the woman. In the end, they chased them, which Grandma chose, and married them.”
Serenity smiled and said: “Okay, okay, let’s not mention them anymore.”
As she spoke, she gave him a smack on the face.
Since it was the wedding period for two people, everyone ate in the main house of the center.
The long table in the restaurant was full of people.
In addition to everyone in the York family, there was also Camryn, who was about to marry into the York family; her aunt, Azalea
(Evelyn); her aunt’s husband, Mario; her brother, Trenton; and the Queen family of four, who were left to live in the villa.
They would be in-laws in the future.

There were only four members of the Queen family. Seeing how prosperous the York family was, Donald enviously said to
Grandma May: “Old Mrs. York, you are the most enviable. You are truly full of children and grandchildren.”
Grandma May liked such words, but she said with a smile: “Our family is short of a daughter, and we tried to find one, but ended
up with a lot of sons and grandsons. Mr. Queen, you and your wife are in good luck, and you have both children.”

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