Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2452

Hayden was a woman, it’s no secret in the York family.
With no outsiders present, Grandma May pointed out Hayden’s identity as a woman, Hayden looked calm and not at all unhappy.
“Auntie, auntie.”
Suddenly Sonny’s cry came from upstairs.
It took everyone in the room to realize that they all forgot about this little guy, Sonny.
“I forgot about Sonny.” Serenity stood up and said, “I went upstairs and called Zachary and came down. I forgot to ask Sonny to
get up for dinner.”
Sonny followed Zachary upstairs to catch up on his sleep.
At first the two slept together, but later Zachary sent Sonny back to the children’s room. He was afraid that when he slept too
deeply, turning over would crush Sonny.
Zachary also went upstairs.
Sonny had already opened the door and came out, crying for her aunt as he walked.
“Sonny, aunt is here.”
After Serenity went upstairs, she ran quickly to her nephew.
Sonny didn’t cry when he saw Serenity, he trotted over and hugged Serenity’s leg.
There were still two lines of tears on Sonny’s face, he was picked up by Zachary, and he called uncle softly.
“Sonny, why are you crying?” Zachary gently wiped the tears off his face.
Sonny said: “I woke up and didn’t see my uncle or my aunt, so I cried.”
Zachary smiled, and said, “It’s my fault. I didn’t ask you to get up.”
He carried Sonny back to the children’s room, and Serenity brought a towel to help him wipe his face to make him more awake.

Zachary carried Sonny into the bathroom again, washed his hands, and then the couple took Sonny downstairs to eat together.
Sonny, being led by Zachary and Serenity, was happy again.
Serenity glanced at Zachary and Zachary looked at her as well, and both the husband and wife smiled sheepishly.
He only cared about Serenity, talking about love, and forgot about Sonny, which almost made Sonny hungry.
After the meal, some workers’ children came to play with Sonny. Sonny immediately couldn’t remember the names of his aunt
and uncle. He took a bag, filled it with the toys he liked to play with, and then dragged it with him and quickly ran out to play.
The elders of the York family loved Sonny. They bought him a lot of new toys every time he came over. When he left, he usually
didn’t take them with him because he often came to stay for a few days, so Grandma May asked someone to buy a toy shelf and
put it on the shelf. In the corner of the hall, toys were specially placed for Sonny.
Sonny was pampered by several elders. No matter which house he stayed in, there would always be a lot of toys in that house.

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