Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2454

Analia’s ability was not bad, at least before Kingston came out, everyone in the Dawson Family and outside thought that Analia
would be the successor of the Dawson Group.
“Zachary, look at this news.”
Serenity handed the phone to Zachary.
Zachary said to Serenity: “Call me ‘My Husband’. When you call me ‘Zachary’, my hair will always be tense. I’m afraid that if I do
something wrong, I will be criticized and educated by you.”
As Zachary spoke, he took the mobile phone from her hand, looked at it and asked, “What news?”
After looking at it twice, Zachary returned the phone to Serenity, and his face became lighter, and said: “What’s so good about
her news, I have already said that the person who can cure her is her father. We don’t need to take action, her father will take
care of her.”
If Jasper couldn’t manage Analia and Zachary really took action, the Dawson Group would definitely be hit.
Zachary would not show mercy to those who dare to destroy his marriage with Serenity.
And the person who lived in the villa area with him, he didn’t remember the name, because he didn’t know that woman at all, and
he didn’t know when that woman saw him and admired him.
Sometimes when he thought about it, Zachary felt that he had been wronged.
He never took the initiative to provoke those women. They wanted to like him. What did it have to do with him?
Could he manage other people’s hearts?
What he could control was his own heart, and his heart was given to Serenity. He would only be Serenity’s man in this life, and
he couldn’t tolerate other women anymore. No matter how many things those people did, they would be in vain.
Serenity: “Kingston is Mr. Dawson’s nephew?”
“Well, Mr. Dawson’s eldest brother’s son, Kingston, is his eldest nephew. Kingston is a bit cunning and ruthless, and his abilities
are not inferior to Analia’s. He is Mr. Dawson’s right-hand man in the Dawson Group.

Before Analia joined the company, everyone in the Dawson Family thought Mr. Dawson was grooming his nephew to be his
Analia is capable, Mr. Dawson will naturally let his own flesh and blood take over, but if Analia can’t lead the Dawson Group to
glory, it will drag the Dawson Group down instead, and he will give up letting his own daughter take over. The plan is to let
Kingston take over instead.
Kingston is ambitious. He used to feel that he had no hope. After Analia violated my taboo, Kingston seized the opportunity. We
were able to receive those photos, not only those found by Josh, but also those of Kingston. Helping in secret, what Kingston
wants to see most is for Analia to be abandoned by Mr. Dawson.”
The Dawson Group was big and Jasper’s family was rich. Which of his brothers, uncles and nephews didn’t want to be the
helmsman of the Dawson Group?
Being able to become the head of the Dawson Group was equivalent to holding the economic lifeline of the Dawson Group.
If they continued to run their business well, the wealth would come rolling in. Who wouldn’t envy it and who wouldn’t want it?
“What’s that woman’s name like?”
Analia’s recent situation, Serenity learned about it through the news.
Serenity had forgotten about that love rival B who secretly helped Analia. Although Analia came to the door to warn her, she
really didn’t take her seriously, and now Serenity even forgot her last name.
Zachary sneered: “The person can help Analia because of the wealth she is proud of. She has that kind of wealth to live in the
same villa with us. I didn’t do anything, just let her lose her little by little.”
Seren, don’t pay attention to them. Anyone who dares to destroy our marriage is seeking death. If k!lling people is not illegal, I
would have killed them long ago and allowed them to come to you and be arrogant.”
“M*rder violates the law, and you have to pay for your life. Don’t do illegal things. It’s too bad and not worth it.” Serenity quickly
reminded him.
Serenity didn’t want Zachary to be like the male protagonists, who break the law and act like it’s nothing. No matter who he was
or how many connections he had, she didn’t want her man to bully others and do illegal things.

It was not worth it!
Be a law-abiding businessman and spend the money he earns with peace of mind.

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