Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2456

Kevin gave her the bouquet of flowers and smiled, “My grandma said that I talk too much and can be eloquent, but you are
taciturn and talk too little, so she paired us up. That way you won’t be lonely anymore.
This is what we call making up for each other’s weaknesses. If both of us are boring gourds, our little family will be completely
silent in the future. It will be too quiet.
I didn’t say anything, I just envied the love of my elder brother and sister-in-law. Do you think the skirts worn by my elder sister-
in-law and second sister-in-law look good? Would you like to try it? I bought you several new skirts, I think it suits you very well.”
Hayden showed him women’s clothing once, and she also said that she only showed him in it.
He should be content.
But people’s hearts were greedy.
He had seen Hayden wearing women’s clothes, and he was particularly stunning.
He wanted to see her in women’s clothing every day.
He liked Hayden’s cool temperature so much after putting on women’s clothes.
Both of his sisters-in-law were beautiful, but the one he liked the most and thought was the most beautiful was Hayden.
“Kevin, I said that I don’t wear women’s clothing, and I don’t like to wear women’s clothing. The last time I wore it for you, it was
the only time. Don’t be too greedy!”
Hayden said this in a low voice, but she gritted her teeth. She felt that Kevin was too greedy. After a few days of silence, he
began to pester her to wear women’s clothes again.
If Hayden didn’t dress like a woman, did he not like her?
It’s best not to like her, she’s happy to be quiet.
Nagging every day, like an old lady.
That mouth was eloquent and glib.
When Hayden was with him, her words became unnatural.

She stuffed the bouquet of flowers back into Kevin’s arms, said, “I said I don’t like flowers, you pick and pick all the way, and you
pick all the flowers, so what else do you want others to reward?”
There were not many flowers in this season.
There were many flowers in Wildridge Manor, so there were still some flowers to enjoy.
But he picked all the way and picked so many flowers.
Kevin smiled and said: “You love the flowers, it’s okay, after the new year, when spring comes, a hundred flowers will bloom, if
there are more, then, the sea of flowers at the foot of the mountain will be as beautiful as a fairyland.”
Hayden: “…”
She didn’t feel sorry for the flowers, she just told him not to pick flowers to give to her anymore. She had a masculine personality
and really didn’t like flowers.
“The children are playing in the children’s playground, let’s go and see Sonny.”
Kevin stopped entangled with Hayden in the part of sending flowers, took her hand, and said with a smile: “You don’t like these
flowers, so if I don’t send them to you in the future, I will give you some that you will like, and I won’t wither the flowers.”

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