Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2459

While talking, Alice frowned again. She hugged her stomach and said to Elisa: “Elisa, I might really give birth early, and the pain
is a little more obvious.”
“Go to the hospital right away. I’ll take you to the hospital right away.” Elisa became nervous.
Elisa was about to help Alice up, and Alice said, “Go to my cabinet first and take out the delivery kit that I have prepared a long
time ago, and you have to take the delivery kit to the hospital, and my birth inspection files are all in my drawer. You should also
take it with you..”
“Okay, okay, sister-in-law, just sit down and I’ll get it. Don’t worry, don’t be nervous. It’ll be quick.” Elisa usually ran to get the
production kit.
She went to get the sister-in-law’s prenatal check-up files. After grabbing these two things, she rushed out of the room and
quickly rushed downstairs.
Alice was still waiting for Elisa. Unexpectedly, Elisa took the delivery package and her prenatal checkup file and ran away without
waiting for her or calling her.
Alice was a bit dumbfounded. She told Elisa not to be nervous and not to be afraid, but Elisa was so nervous that she ran away
without even calling her, a pregnant woman.
Alice stood up by herself, still holding her belly with one hand, and walked out of the room slowly.
Elisa noticed when she reached the stairs that Alice was no longer downstairs. She directly headed to the hospital with Remy.
Alice saw this scene and couldn’t help laughing. She imagined how Elisa would react when she ran to the hospital with her
things and found that she didn’t follow her.
Alice stopped and took out her mobile phone, intending to call Clive. Thinking that Clive would be as nervous and frightened as
Elisa, she panicked. Instead, she called Audrey.
Audrey quickly answered Alice’s call.
Alice: “Mom, where are you? Are you coming back soon?”
Audrey: “Your dad and I are on our way home, what’s wrong?”

Alice: “Mom, my stomach hurts a little. I don’t know if I’m about to give birth.”
Hearing this, Audrey immediately said: “Don’t panic, we will be there soon. Have you eaten? Eat something first. The first baby
will not be born so soon. It will hurt for a while, and some people will even have pain. It will take a day or two to give birth.
Eat first. Only when you are full can you have the strength to have a baby. Don’t panic. we’ll be back soon. Don’t drive to the
hospital by yourself. It’s not safe. Elisa is still at home. Tell Elisa and let Elisa will help you prepare your things first, and I will take
you to the hospital when I get home.
Let Clive go directly to the hospital, lest he come back in a panic and make mistakes easily.”
Alice said: “Well, I haven’t told Clive yet, Elisa…”
Alice couldn’t help laughing and said: “I told Elisa to help me get the delivery kit, but she ran away with the delivery kit, and ran
away by herself.”
Audrey: “…that girl.”
She also couldn’t help laughing, “Alice, I saw Elisa’s car, I’ll stop her car first, don’t worry, we’ll be home soon.”
Alice: “Mom, stop Elisa first, I’ll have something to eat.”
It’s not very painful, just a bit of pain. She could bear it.
After ending the call, she slowly went downstairs.
The butler heard the movement, walked out, and quickly went upstairs to help Alice, reminding her to be careful from time to
time, lest she miss her foot.
But it was said that after Elisa followed Alice’s instructions and took the delivery kit and prenatal check-up files, she rushed
downstairs and said to Remy: “My sister-in-law may be giving birth. She said she has a stomachache. Let’s go to the hospital
right away.”
When Remy saw Elisa running out with a whoosh, he naturally followed her.
Then, Remy went to drive and refused to let Elisa drive, saying that she would definitely be nervous and it would be unsafe to

The two of them went out with the production kit prepared by Alice.
Audrey stopped Elisa’s car.

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