Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2462

Audrey: “I’ll call your mother and tell her.”
Alice didn’t call her mother, but Audrey felt that when a woman gave birth, she hoped that her mother’s family would be go to the
Not long after, the Stone family and the Lafayette family, a large group of people from the two families, gathered outside the
delivery room, waiting anxiously for Alice.
As Audrey guessed, after Alice went to the hospital for an examination, she was sent to the delivery room.
Elisa posted a circle of friends, and both Serenity and Liberty knew that Alice had a baby today.
Zachary immediately accompanied Serenity and rushed to the hospital with Grandma May.
Liberty arrived at the hospital before Serenity.
Seeing a large group of people still waiting, Liberty walked up to Audrey and called aunt softly.
Audrey: “Liberty, why are you here?”
Liberty: “I saw Elisa’s post, and I knew my cousin was about to give birth, so I came to see how it was? How long have you been
Audrey said, “It feels very uncomfortable to go in. It’s been a long time, but depending on the time, it’s less than an hour.”
They were burning with anxiety, and the seconds seemed like years, which was their current mentality.
Clive didn’t know how many times he wandered around, he couldn’t sit still, he couldn’t stand still, he always had to walk around,
so as to relieve his tension.
He wished he could bear the tearing pain instead of his wife.
People say that women feel 10 times as much pain when they give birth.
“My cousin’s fetal position is right, she’s fine.” Liberty could only comfort Audrey.
Audrey was still calm. She looked at Clive who was walking back and forth, and said, “Look at your cousin, he’s going to knock
down the floor at the door, and he’s walked away countless times.”

Liberty said: “It’s normal.”
Liberty thought about the time when she gave birth to Sonny and heard from Serenity that although Hank was also very anxious,
he was not as nervous as Clive to the point where he had to walk around to relieve some tension.
After the baby was born, he took the baby out first, but she was pushed out later. When she got out, only Serenity was waiting for
her, and the entire Brown family went to see the newborn.
When women give birth to children, those who care about them and feel sorry for them are still their maternal family.
When Serenity saw her appearance in the delivery room, she was so distressed that she burst into tears. When she was pushed
into the postpartum rest room, they saw all the Brown family members gathered around Sonny’s crib. When they saw her being
pushed back by the nurse, they also didn’t come over to help her lie down on the bed.
It was Serenity who helped her.
In fact, at that time, she should have realized that Hank was not worthy of her lifelong trust.
Fortunately, they separated.
Hank would not disturb her life again; not even the Brown family would come.
When they wanted to see Sonny, Hank would call Liberty first, get her consent, go directly to the kindergarten to pick up Sonny,
and send him back on Sunday night, trying not to meet her.
This way, it’s pretty good.
She could finally have some peace of mind and didn’t have to face her ex-husband’s family all the time.
Especially the former eldest aunt, Liberty was the most annoying and the one who least wanted to see Chelsea.
If Hank had controlled his mother and sister’s mouth earlier, maybe they wouldn’t be in this situation today.
After all, the two people had a shallow relationship, and they only had a relationship as husband and wife for a few years.
Together, they raised Sonny, and they now lead independent lives.

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