Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2464

Fortunately, Alice didn’t keep her husband waiting too long, and was pushed out by doctors and nurses.
“Wife.” Clive was the first to pounce.
Alice’s hair was messy and her lips were bitten.
Fortunately, she was in good spirits. Seeing everyone waiting for her, she said to her husband: “Clive, it’s a son. They said the
baby looks like me.”
Clive said, “The son just follows his mother. That’s great, the baby is very good.”
Clive leaned down, kissed his beloved wife on the forehead, and said distressedly: “Wife, thank you for your hard work, we won’t
have any more children in the future, one child is enough.”
Lafayette family also hoped that Alice would give birth to a son.
The Stone family had a great business, and Clive also said that he would only have one child. Alice was the eldest daughter-in-
law. The Lafayette family felt that if Alice gave birth to the eldest grandson, she would give birth to a successor for her husband’s
family, so Alice’s position in the Stone family would be stable.
After giving birth, Alice was also glad that she gave birth to a son so that her baby would not have to bear the pain of childbirth
like she did when he grew up.
Alice replied: “Okay, I won’t give birth.”
She didn’t want to give birth either, it hurt too much!
If she hadn’t experienced it, she couldn’t imagine the pain.
Back in the delivery room, Alice was resting on the bed, watching everyone watching the baby. She said to her husband: “Bring
the baby over here and let me see it too.”
This was her tenth month of pregnancy, and she had gone through ten levels of pregnancy. She hadn’t seen enough of the little
guy born in pain.
In the delivery room, after the baby was born, it was cleaned up. The nurse held the baby for her to see, and asked her to kiss
the baby before going out with the baby.

Clive immediately bent down and picked up the baby from the crib. It was just a newborn baby. It was small and soft and felt
weightless in his hands. Clive held it very carefully.
After picking up his son, he didn’t dare to walk, fearing that if he took too many steps, the baby would slip out of his hands.
“I’ll do it.”
Seeing her son-in-law’s appearance, Mrs. Lafayette stepped forward and took the baby from her son-in-law’s hands. She smiled
and said, “Look at how you dare not walk while holding the baby. Alice will wait for an hour. I don’t even know if I can see the
The way you hold the baby is wrong. I’m scared to see you walking with the baby in your arms.”
Audrey smiled and said, “This is how new dads are. As time goes by, they’ll get used to it, and when the time comes, their baby-
carrying gestures will be better than those of many women. Clive was like this at the beginning.”
Zachary watched this scene and heard what the people who came before him said.
He was thinking in his heart that when he had time, he would shamelessly run to the merchant, give this little guy a hug, and
practice his holding posture. When Serenity gave birth to a baby, he wouldn’t be like Clive, who couldn’t even hold his baby. I
can’t hold a child well.
Zachary also wanted to hug the child, but when he saw Clive being embarrassed, he didn’t dare to hug him, lest he would be
embarrassed too.
He had raised babies before, but the ones he raised were babies like Sonny that could walk and talk, not just born.
The baby was small and soft, so he didn’t dare to hold it.
Alice was about to sit up, and Clive quickly stepped forward to help her.
Clive said: “You can see the baby while lying down, you don’t have to sit up.”
Clive knew that women should lie more and sit less during confinement, so as not to suffer from back pain in the future. It is said
that problems caused by confinement will be followed for the rest of their lives, very torturous.
He must not let his beloved wife suffer from confinement problems.

“It’s okay, I feel a lot better now.” After Alice sat down, she stretched out her hands to hug her son.
Mrs. Lafayette handed her grandson to her daughter and said, “He drank 15 ml of milk powder. He is edible. Look at how
soundly he sleeps. Alice, the baby is really like you, except for his mouth.”
Alice was a small cherry mouth.

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