Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2467

Liberty understood what Auntie meant. She nodded and said with a smile, “I’m hoping that one day All You Can Eat will spread
across the whole country.”
“Sister, there will be that day.” Serenity gave Liberty a cheer.
Serenity believed Liberty would be able to do it.
Audrey also laughed and said, “All the daughters of the Farrell family are amazing.”
If it hadn’t been for the near-annihilation of the family decades ago, Liberty would have been her sister’s eldest daughter. The
eldest daughter of the direct line of the Farrell family was particularly powerful.
If there was only one daughter, that daughter would not be any worse.
Kathryn was not bad; she was a person who pretended to be a pig and ate the tiger. Up until this point, Kathryn’s outward
weakness had fooled many members of the Farrell family.
Perhaps the only person who could see through Kathryn’s plan was Matriarch Farrell, her biological mother.
Serenity hesitated to speak but finally said nothing.
Her sister, Liberty, had that ability; that is, the process of ascending to the throne may be very intense; after all, it involved the
hatred between two generations.
The current matriarch Farrell was also too ruthless; bringing up her own sister, she could destroy her own sister’s family, even
the two nieces; it was Liberty and Serenity’s mother and their aunt, Audrey, who were not killed. In an orphanage, life was not
easy, but at least they were alive.
That is to say, her mother was later adopted and suffered too many accidents. After marrying her father, her mother’s life was
stable and happy. In Serenity’s memory, her parents’ relationship was stable and loving.
Grandparents disliked their mother for having two daughters in a row. In the past, family planning was strictly controlled, and
parents could not have three children. They never disliked having two daughters, and they did not hide and want to have a son
like others.
The love of their parents was given to Serenity and Liberty.

If the car accident hadn’t happened, Serenity believed that her parents would have been so loving until the end of life, and she
and Liberty wouldn’t have had to suffer so much when they were children, and they would have tasted the warmth and coldness
of human relationships early on.
“It’s getting late, Serenity; you go back to rest.” Audrey advised Serenity to go back to rest first.
Serenity: “I’m not tired. Auntie, I want to eat at your place. You can’t drive me away.”
Audrey said with a smile, “If you want to stay and eat, you can go home after eating. Auntie has to help you express yourself
now. I’m preparing a confinement meal, and I will send it to the hospital for her later, so I have to make up for it.”
Audrey got up and walked away, busy preparing delicious food for her daughter-in-law.
Elisa followed to help.
Serenity knew that everyone would not let her intervene, so she decided not to make trouble, so she said to Liberty, “Sister, you
can accompany me outside for a walk.”
Liberty: “Okay.”

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