Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2471

Liberty poked her forehead lightly and said to her, “Zachary also cares about me and cares about you, and every time you do
something wrong, he only talks to me about it. This is not called a denunciation. If he doesn’t care about you and doesn’t care
what you do, he won’t even bother to look at it.”
Serenity immediately smiled: “Yes, yes, my Zachary is the best. Sister, don’t say it; I know I was wrong. That’s not a complaint;
it’s about caring about me.”
“That’s what it is; you’re not convinced yet.” Liberty poked her sister’s forehead again and said, “That’s what you told Zachary; he
can’t control it. You, just tell me; I can control you.”
Serenity stuck out her tongue playfully.
The two sisters wandered around in the yard of the business, mainly for the purpose of whispering, and after finishing the
whispering, they went back to the house.
Not long after, Audrey and Elisa each carried several insulated lunch boxes and went out to the hospital.
Audrey arranged for Darrell to stay at home to entertain Liberty, Serenity, and Zachary while Remy drove the car for Audrey and
After seeing Alice and knowing that the mother and child were safe, Liberty, Serenity, and Zachary also left after eating at the
Stone Family.
Liberty went back to the All You Can Eat restaurant, while Zachary took Serenity back to Wildridge Manor.
At the same time, at the gate of a certain prison.
Carrie Newman came out. As soon as she came out, she looked up at the sky. She felt that the sky outside was so blue and the
air was so fresh. Even though the sun was very bright, she felt that the sunshine was very good.
During the period of losing her freedom, it was like a year for her, a young lady who had been doted on since she was a child.
In order to get out sooner, she performed well inside, got a reduced sentence, and finally got out of prison early without waiting
until next year.
She originally ordered someone to smash Serenity’s car and wanted to beat her up, but because Serenity was good at boxing
and kicking, she didn’t succeed. Later, her parents gave Serenity a new car as compensation and wanted to keep it private.

Serenity disagreed, and after accepting her parents’ compensation for the new car, they still sent her in.
The sentence was not very severe, but it made her, a pretty young lady, suffer a lot. On the surface, Carrie behaved very well, as
if she knew she was wrong, got a reduced sentence, and was released early. In fact, in her heart, she was full of resentment
towards Serenity.
In the past, she just wanted to smash Serenity’s car and teach Serenity a lesson so that Serenity would not dare meddle in her
own business in the future.
Now, if there was a chance and the ability, Carrie wanted Serenity to go in and taste what it’s like to go to prison!
The hateful thing was that because of her, the parents who loved her the most had committed a crime. They went in and were
sentenced to a heavier sentence than her. Her father was sentenced to more than ten years, and her mother was sentenced to
death with a reprieve. She didn’t know if they could come out alive.
And all the legitimate business of the Newman family fell into the hands of Camryn, a blind woman.
Carrie only knew what happened to her parents and that the business fell into Camryn’s hands, but she didn’t know the rest.
Later on, no one passed on the outside information to her, so she didn’t know.
When Carrie came out this time, the first thing she wanted to do was go back and find Camryn to settle the score. If it wasn’t for
Camryn, she would not have offended Serenity, let alone caused a catastrophe, offended Zachary, and implicated her parents.
Even if the parents were originally guilty, because of her introduction, the crime was exposed, and they were arrested and
sentenced to severe punishment. But if there was no blind Camryn, her parents might commit a crime for a lifetime, and none of
it would be revealed.
It’s all Camryn’s fault!
There were only two people Carrie hated the most right now: Camryn and Serenity.
Serenity was difficult to deal with. She was the eldest mistress of the York family, and she was also good at boxing and kicking.
But Camryn was just a blind woman, so it was much easier to deal with.
Carrie looked at the blue sky for a while before lowering her head. She felt a little dizzy. This was a reaction to the sun’s stinging

After a while, she lifted her foot and walked away.
She recalled how she used to arrive and depart in posh cars and have servants serve her at home. She ate delicacies and wore
famous brands. But now, when she came out of prison, no one came to pick her up.

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