Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2473

Carrie: “If you don’t tell me who you are, what your identity is, and who asked you to pick me up, I won’t go with you.”
After the old woman pondered for a moment, she smiled and said, “Miss Newman, go in once; I am a bit more mature. My
husband’s surname is Janzen. I have done business with your father, Mr. Newman, several times and have a little friendship.”
The old woman with the surname Janzen?
Carrie didn’t know much about her family’s business. She was young, and her parents rarely talked to her about business
She only knew that the family was not short of money. Her parents would let her have what others have, but what she has may
not be available to others.
Sometimes, she heard her father say that the family business was getting bigger and bigger.
Since the old woman had done business with her father several times, was it because of her father’s friendship?
Carrie: “How did you know that I came out today?”
The old woman still smiled and said, “Miss Newman, I asked people to come and inquire several times before I found out that
you came out today. We have done business with Mr. Newman several times and have developed some friendships. Mr.
Newman told us before he went in that, for the sake of us being partners, we would take care of his two children.
Your brother is doing very well now and gets along harmoniously with your eldest sister. During Young Master York’s wedding,
your brother came back specially and followed your eldest sister to the York family to attend the wedding. After attending Young
Master York’s wedding, he went back to school.
All the illegal businesses of the Newman family have been sealed up and fined.
With a sum of money and a legal business, your eldest sister took over the management. However, your eldest sister has poor
eyesight, so she mainly relies on Dalton to help manage the company. You can find out the affairs of the Newman family with a
little inquiry.”
What the old woman said was true.
Carrie also knew a little bit. After listening to the old woman’s words, she still hesitated and asked, “Mrs. Janzen, Where will you
take me?”

“Please get in the car first, Miss Newman. For Mr. Newman’s sake, I’ll pick you up and take you to eat, rest, clean up, and put on
your best clothes. After getting your mind right, you can only compete with your eldest sister when you go back to the Newman
Your eldest sister is actually a paper tiger. She has bad eyesight, so she is of no use. The York family is her only source of
support. She has a good relationship with Serenity, the eldest mistress of the York family, and they are going to become sisters-
in-law again. Oh, Miss Newman, you even don’t know that your eldest sister is engaged to the second young master of the York
family. Is it the matter of the second young master of the York family?”
Hearing this, Carrie looked jealous, and she asked bitterly: “How can that blind woman marry into the York family? She has a
good relationship with Serenity. I know that if I go in, my family will be unlucky. It is all Serenity’s fault. I hate Serenity!”
If she had the ability and the opportunity, she would take revenge and go back, making Serenity feel uncomfortable!
Knowing that Serenity was good at boxing and kicking, she would be more careful the next time she took revenge, and she must
not leave anything behind for Serenity to catch.
That woman was very cruel. She smashed Serenity’s car but didn’t really hurt Serenity. Her parents apologized to Serenity and
compensated her for a new car, but Serenity still sent her in.
It was like accepting her parents’ apology and not showing off.
The old woman suppressed her smile and said, “Our family has also offended Serenity, but our family is not in Wiltspoon. For the
time being, Serenity can’t stretch her hands that long and can’t deal with us. However, Young Master York dotes on his wife,
Serenity. If they hate us, sooner or later they will use Young Master York’s power to attack us.
So, I thought of attacking first, but we need helpers because we are far away in Jensburg, and we need someone in Wiltspoon to
help us provide information. Miss Newman, you also hate Serenity; I think we can cooperate.”
Carrie finally understood.
To put it bluntly, this old woman wanted to join forces with Carrie to deal with Serenity.

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