Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2479

After Lilian wrote the prescription, she handed it to Callum and said, “You still have the medicine I had sent to you previously.
Take the medicine as prescribed, and after taking this course of treatment, I will come over to help Miss Camryn. If I have time, I
will take her out to see the green scenery outside.”
“Thank you, Dr. Carden.” Callum quickly thanked him.
Callum took the medicine that Camryn drank every day into his own hands. After he got the medicine, he had to send it to Lilian
one by one so she could look at it and smell it to make sure it was real and not a fake or someone who put poison in the
medicine without permission and made Camryn drink it anyway.
Lilian made fun of Camryn by saying Callum was the most careful, attentive, and kind patient’s family member she had ever met.
Camryn would be happy and sweet in the future, for sure.
Camryn was a typical person who was bitter first and then sweet. Before meeting Callum, she had a very difficult life.
Later, although Dalton helped her secretly, on the surface, she lived a miserable life, not to mention the suffering and abuse she
suffered as a child.
“Dr. Carden, the herbal medicine that Camryn used to clean her eyes is gone. Do you still need to clean it again?”
Lilian grew the herbal remedy that Camryn used to clean her eyes, and it was difficult to find it outside.
Callum could only ask for it from Lilian.
“Now, she doesn’t have to clean her eyes with herbal medicine. She can drink the medicine. Then she can go outside more often
and see mountains and rivers farther away. She will be able to see normally again after the New Year. By the way, Miss Camryn,
have you ever been myopic before? If you are myopic, you will not be able to return to normal vision.”
Camryn shook her head and said, “I’m not shortsighted.”
Lilian smiled and said, “That’s good. After the New Year, when the first month is out, I will help you take care of your health. Have
you two decided on your wedding date?”
Before they got married, they took care of Camryn’s health.
“It’s decided, but we don’t plan to have a child so soon. We’ll have a couple of years together first, and we’ll have to wait until
Camryn’s health recovers completely before considering having a child.”

The one who answered was Callum.
The parents really wanted to have a grandson, but they couldn’t ignore Camryn’s health. They should take care of their health
The eldest brother and sister-in-law only had children one year after receiving the certificate.
Serenity: …
She and Zachary had never used contraceptive measures. It’s just that the children didn’t come to report.
The situation was different from that of Callum and his wife.
Lilian nodded and said, “That’s no problem. Miss Camryn’s health will be alright after a year or two of conditioning.”
Camryn was surprised: “It will take that long?”
She thought that just drinking a few doses of medicine would be enough.
Lilian said to her, “Do you think you are in good health? It took me a year or two to get pregnant and give birth to a baby because
I helped you. It would take at least three to five years for an ordinary gynecologist to take care of you.
That mother of yours is really not a human being!”
Lilian knew that Camryn’s first meeting was all caused by her own mother.
Lilian did not specifically state that Camryn’s mother was to blame for her difficulties during childbirth. Additionally, Camryn had a
kind person to assist her, fell in love with old Mrs. York, and eventually became Callum’s fiancée. Only then could Camryn find
her; otherwise, Camryn could not come here. Either she would be infertile for the rest of her life, or she would have to undergo
treatment for many years before she could become pregnant.
She had to say that Mrs. Newman was really poisonous. She even used evil tricks on her own daughter. Not only did she ruin
Camryn’s eyes, she also wanted to ruin Camryn’s future life.

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