Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2480

Lilian let Camryn know that her difficulty in giving birth was due to her mother’s handiwork.
She thought it was because she didn’t eat well, sleep well, and was abused when she was growing up, but she didn’t expect that
her own mother was still harming her in this regard.
Was she really her mother?
Even if the tiger’s poison didn’t feed her, her mother was worse than an animal.
But her mother was very kind to Carrie and Trenton and loved them sincerely. She just didn’t like Camryn as the eldest daughter.
She was the one who looked most like her mother.
If Camryn could, she didn’t want to be like her mother. She wanted to look like her father, but her appearance was 70% inherited
from her mother and 30% from her father.
Callum thanked Lilian again.
Lilian smiled and said, “Mr. York, you don’t need to be too polite. If you really want to be polite, just cook a table of delicious
dishes for me before I return to Annenburg.”
No way; Callum’s cooking skills were really good.
Although Lilian’s husband, Tim, could also cook, he was not as good as Callum.
Callum was also in charge of the catering industry under the York Corporation. He had tasted all kinds of delicacies from all over
the world and could also cook a lot of delicious food.
Callum smiled and said, “As long as you treat me and Camryn with respect, Dr. Carden, I can treat you to dinner every day these
Lilian said, “How could I ask you to have dinner with me every day when you’re both busy? Just one more day until I go back. I’ll
just eat so I don’t have to think about it when I get home.”
She looked at the time and said goodbye to the two of them: “It’s getting late. I’ll leave first. Remy and Elisa promised to treat me
to dinner. “

Remy and Elisa were going to treat guests, and Callum couldn’t keep Lilian anymore, so he and Camryn personally escorted
Lilian out.
Callum said, “Dr. Carden, you’re having dinner at the villa in the afternoon, right? We will go back to the villa in the afternoon.”
Every time Lilian came to Wiltspoon, she always stayed at the villa.
The villa was big enough and the scenery was good, so she wouldn’t be bored for a long time.
However, she couldn’t live for more than a few days. She still had a little baby at home, and the master couldn’t help her take
care of the baby all the time. He also had to take care of the apprentice’s studies. Moreover, she had to go see the patients
It was only because of her friendship with Serenity and others that she stayed in Wiltspoon for two more days.
Lilian said with a smile, “I will go back to the villa in the evening, and I have to treat a patient in the afternoon.”
Knowing that Callum invited a disciple of a miracle doctor to treat Camryn’s eyes, someone who was close to the York family did
the same. Because of the convenient relationship between the York family and Lilian, she was invited to visit their patients.
She did not say no. If she saw a patient, she would treat anything that could be cured. If there was no hope, she told the family
straight out that there was no hope. Let the patient eat whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. Let him look around, but
don’t let him make too many memories.
After all, man is mortal. Birth, old age, illness, and death are all human nature.
Even though Lilian was a doctor, there was nothing she could do if she got an incurable disease.
Doctors, after all, are not gods. They do not have the ability to bring people back to life or compete with Yama. They face it
Callum: “Okay, I’ll go back early in the evening and cook some dishes for you, Dr. Carden.”
Lilian smiled and said, “Then I will eat well tonight. When I come over again, I’ll bring my chef with me. Mr. York, you can give
him instructions and show him the way so I don’t have to go to Wiltspoon when I’m hungry.”

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