Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2481

Tim didn’t like Lilian coming to the York family.
He especially disliked her praising Callum’s cooking skills and saying that the cooking skills of the youngest member of the
Johnson family were not inferior to Callum’s.
Lilian told the truth: the cooking skills of Lee and Callum were about the same, but there was still a difference.
Moreover, Lee didn’t cook often, and as a sister-in-law, Lilian was too embarrassed to ask him to cook for her.
The best solution was to ask Callum to give advice to her family’s chef.
Callum readily agreed.
The two of them watched Lilian get into the car. Camryn gave Lilian the car to use in Wiltspoon. Lilian came to Wiltspoon to treat
Camryn’s eyes, and Camryn always regarded Lilian as a distinguished guest.
Camryn paid for all Lilian’s expenses in Wiltspoon.
“Camryn, let’s go back inside. It’s still quite hot outside.”
Callum took his fiancée’s hand, and the two of them turned and walked towards the main house.
When the two people returned to the door of the house, they heard a shout from outside: “Camryn!”
Callum was not familiar with the voice, but the other party called his fiancée Camryn, which made his face darken.
But Camryn was very familiar with her. The only person who called her so brazenly was her half-sister, Carrie.
Was Carrie out?
Camryn didn’t know. She only knew that Carrie’s sentence was not serious and that she would be released soon. However, she
did not deliberately remember the date of Carrie’s release from prison. It should be at the end of the year or next year.
She didn’t expect Carrie to come out now.
“It’s Carrie who came out, my half-sister.” Camryn told Callum softly, “Don’t let her know about the things that I can see with my
eyes for the time being.”

Except for those that Callum had arranged, all of the Newman family’s workers were aware that Camryn could see. The original
servants of the Newman family did not know that, because Camryn was in her own home, even if she was blind, she could still
move. She was so comfortable that the servant did not expect that her eyes had recovered.
All they knew was that Callum hired a disciple of a miraculous doctor to treat Camryn’s eyes, but the servants didn’t know what
the results were.
After Callum arranged for his fiancée to be loyal to her, the original Newman family servants either resigned and left or were
marginalized and took charge of the work in the yard. Callum was the one who took care of Camryn closely. Arrange for people
to come in.
Even the former Newman family housekeeper couldn’t bear the marginalization and left on his own.
Now the servants of the Newman family were basically new, and the few remaining ones had never hurt Camryn before.
Callum replied, “Why should you let her know? Of course you can’t let her know.”
“When she comes out, she will definitely make a huge fuss with me. Life has been too peaceful recently. If I have a fight with
someone, It can also relieve boredom. Don’t take action easily; let me solve it myself.”
Callum: Okay, if you can’t solve it, you must tell me, not Dalton.”
Camryn: “Don’t think nonsense. Brother Dal and sister-in-law Melissa have obtained a marriage certificate. They are legally
married, and you still regard him as your love rival. I have always regarded brother Dal as an older brother and have never had
other ideas. “
Callum hummed, “I know best what he is thinking.”
Camryn: “When Brother Dal came over, you two were shouting. If he is not here, you just hum. Callum, I didn’t know you were so
good at pretending until today.”
Callum accompanied her to the door of the villa again and said, “I called him brother to remind him that he can only treat you as
your brother and doesn’t have any other ideas. He can’t take my wife from me.”
Camryn: I won’t talk to you, you jealous person.”
Callum smiled softly, “The characteristic of men in our York family is that we love to be jealous.”

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