Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2487

Newman Family Villa.
After Carrie was scared away by four wolf dogs, Camryn came down from upstairs and sat on the sofa in the hall.
Callum poured her a glass of warm water. She took it, thanked him, but put down the glass of water instead of drinking it.
Callum went to wash some more fruits, cut them, and place them on an exquisite fruit plate. He also took some of her favorite
snacks and various small pastries he made for her personally, which were also placed on an exquisite plate.
Then bring them over one by one and place them on the coffee table.
He sat down next to her again.
Callum: “Eat something.”
Camryn: “I’m not hungry.”
Callum smiled gently and said, “Eat some snacks or something; you will feel better.”
Camryn: “I am in a good mood.”
Callum touched her face gently and scraped her pretty nose one last time. “This is not the first day I have met you. I can see and
feel whether you are in a good mood or not.”
Camryn put her head on Callum’s shoulder. She said to him, “I am six years older than Carrie. When she was born, I was
already sensible. Although my mother was very bad to me at that time, she gave me a younger sister, and I was still very happy.
Before Carrie was sensible, she was fair, tender, and actually very cute. I still love her very much, but every time I see my
mother’s love for her and her disgust and indifference towards me, it makes me feel uncomfortable.
“My mother also didn’t let me get close to Carrie. She regarded her as her eyeball. She and her husband loved Carrie very
much. Even after they had a son named Trenton, their love for their daughter remained unabated.
I gradually came to realize that even though Carrie and I are sisters and share the same mother, we are still distinct from one
another. She has a mother and a father. My father is no longer in my life. Although I have a mother, she has never shown me

When Carrie got a little older, she started to bully me. I’m not a fool. I couldn’t let her bully me. She couldn’t beat me or scold me,
so she just cried. Once she cried, her mother didn’t care who was right and who was wrong. She didn’t even ask why; she beat
me up and didn’t give me anything to eat.”
“Every time I was punished and not allowed to eat, I had to wait for my stepfather to come back. On the surface, he did a little
better than my mother. He would say a few words to my mother and then let me eat. But he was often busy with work. I couldn’t
get home until very late. Many times, when he came back, I was already asleep. I was hungry, and I fell asleep with tears in my
eyes. I cried for too long, and when I got tired from crying, I would fall asleep.
This is still the case. Okay, at least I can have something to eat the next day. If he goes on a business trip and doesn’t come
back for a few days, I won’t be able to eat for a few days. I can only go outside to pick up things that others have thrown away
before they finish eating.
Callum, you know, when I was the most hungry, I would go through the trash can to find something to eat, regardless of hygiene.
The hunger in my belly made me just want to find something to eat.”
Speaking of Camryn, her eyes turned red, and tears welled up in her childhood memories.
Camryn continued: “I didn’t understand before why my mother did this to me, but later I found out that she didn’t love my dad and
didn’t want to marry him. It was because of her elders’ wishes. She couldn’t resist her elders, so she married Dad out of
She has no feelings for my father, and she also has no feelings for me, her biological daughter, and even hates me, so she
doesn’t care about my life or death and enjoys torturing me. I know how to hide my capabilities and bide my time, and I know that
my father died in their hands. I lived a miserable life. The happiest thing was that my aunt Azalea (Evelyn) was here. As long as
she came, I could eat well, wear clothes, sleep well, and not have to work. But she is far away. After getting married, she would
come back to her parents’ home once or twice a year. Every time she went back to her parents’ home, she would only stay for
three to five days before going back. She didn’t get along with them very well. She had the best relationship with my dad. She
would also give me some advice when she came back. I had a little pocket money to buy me delicious food and new clothes.
As soon as she left, all the things she gave me were taken away by my mother, and I went back to my old life. Carrie has
witnessed my mother’s attitude towards me since she was a child, so she never treats me as a sister.”

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