Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2488

“Obviously we are sisters and brothers, but we get along like enemies… Now, the situation has turned, and it is Carrie’s turn to
be at a disadvantage. I have the ability to take revenge. When I go back, I don’t feel that happy, but sad.”
Callum was aware that Camryn had suffered because of her own mother.
However, Camryn rarely talked to Callum about her past. Now, when Callum heard Camryn talk about her childhood, he was
furious and felt extremely distressed.
But seeing his fiancée’s eyes red and tears flowing silently, Callum hugged her tightly and let her lean against him.
Callum: “Camryn, just cry if you feel uncomfortable. If you cry, you will feel better. Not all brothers and sisters can love each
other, and not all parents are loving. Some people are just not worthy of being parents. We can’t choose our parents and
brothers. Facing those ruthless people, we can only choose to stay away.”
Camryn wanted to take out a tissue.
Callum quickly took out a tissue and gently wiped her tears.
Camryn wiped her tears again, and although her voice was still hoarse, her strength showed through: “It’s all over. I’ve survived it
and avenged my father. The people who killed my father have all gone in. I’m not afraid that Carrie will go against me when she
comes out. When I was blind, I didn’t let her knock me down. Now that I can see, can I still be knocked down by her?”
She just sighed for a moment, thinking a lot.
Although she and Carrie were biological sisters, Carrie had never regarded her as a sister, and she would not rush to be a sister
to others.
No matter what Carrie wanted to do in the future, soldiers would come to stop it, and water would come and the soil would drown
Since regaining her light, Camryn has strengthened and gained support from Callum. Camryn was still firmly in charge of the
Newman family. What was it that she feared?
The mother who had brought her to this point had all gone in.
Carrie was a spoiled child and had nothing to fear.

Callum: “Don’t be afraid of her. If you need anything from me, just ask.”
Camryn smiled and said, “To deal with her, you don’t need to take action. Don’t use a knife to kill a chicken.”
Seeing that her mood had calmed down, Callum felt relieved, so he took her hand to his lips and kissed the back of her hand
gently. He said softly, “Camryn, don’t feel guilty, and don’t feel that you’re sorry for her. You haven’t been sorry for anyone; they
are sorry for you.
This big villa was not only left to you by your father; Newman Enterprise also owns your father’s share. You are just seeking
justice for your father and getting back what belongs to you.”
Camryn looked at him.
After a moment, she suddenly grabbed his handsome face, leaned forward, and kissed him on the lips.
Camryn: “Callum, don’t worry, I won’t be a virgin.”
She didn’t have such a great ambition to be a virgin.

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