Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2493

Three cars were parked at the gate of the Stone family’s villa.
The driver of the leading car sounded the horn.
Soon, the butler came out to take a look.
He opened a door first and walked to the car window. The driver pressed the window in time.
“Excuse me, who are you looking for?”
The butler glanced at the person in the back seat of the car. She was an old woman, but he didn’t recognize her and had never
seen her before.
He didn’t dare let people in who he hadn’t seen before.
The driver replied: “Our madam heard that your eldest mistress had given birth, so she came to congratulate you. Our madam’s
surname is Farrell (Fisher).”
Surnamed Farrell?
The butler wanted to ask more questions, but suddenly he remembered Kathryn, and her mother’s surname was Farrell. The
butler understood a little bit and said, “Please wait for a moment; I will go in and ask our madam if she has seen your madam.”
The driver turned his head. After looking at Matriarch Farrell, Matriarch Farrell nodded slightly, and the driver hummed.
The butler turned and left.
A few minutes later, the butler came out.
She opened the door of the villa so that the Farrell family’s car could drive into it.
Under the command of the butler, the Farrell family’s vehicle was parked in an open space. Matriarch Farrell got out of the car,
and her personal bodyguards followed her.
“Send the gifts in, and you can come out and wait for me outside.”
Matriarch Farrell commanded the bodyguards majestically.

The bodyguard group responded respectfully.
The butler invited Matriarch Farrell and her bodyguards to enter the house.
Matriarch Farrell was not in a hurry to enter the house. She first looked around the environment of the Stones’s compound. After
a while, she followed the butler.
She put on makeup to cover up her old face, which showed a bit of displeasure, but it was well hidden, and the butler didn’t catch
She was annoyed that Audrey didn’t come out to greet her in person. After all, she was an honored guest.
Moreover, she was Audrey’s elder.
Even if Matriarch Farrell was not 100% sure that Audrey was her niece, she was older than Audrey. Audrey should have come
out to greet her, but Audrey did not come and only asked the butler to lead Matriarch Farrell in.
Not to mention that Audrey didn’t come out to greet her; not even the juniors from the Stone family came out.
Matriarch Farrell was unhappy and felt that the Stones did not know how to treat guests.
The butler led Matriarch Farrell and her bodyguards into the house. Matriarch Farrell saw Audrey and Darrell sitting on the sofa.
There was no one else but the couple.
Elisa was at Remy’s house next door.
From then on, it was also Elisa’s home. During the renovation period, Elisa would go there every day to take a look.
Seeing Matriarch Farrell come in, Audrey and Darrell got up.
Audrey stared at Matriarch Farrell.
Matriarch Farrell was her second aunt!
The moment Audrey met Matriarch Farrell, it brought back memories that she had stored away for decades.

She was already a few years old when the family suffered great changes. She had an impression of her. When she didn’t see
anyone, she might not be able to remember her second aunt. When she saw someone, she just remembered it.

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