Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2496

Matriarch Farrell continued: “Your sister…is not living a very good life. I found out about her situation and felt very distressed. I’m
useless. I have been looking for you for decades, and now I have found you. If I had found you long ago, your sister wouldn’t be
in such a miserable state, and Liberty and Serenity would also have someone to support them.
Audrey, things were different a few decades ago than they are now. Think about it: Was it easy to communicate before? Was it
convenient to travel? Was there such good technology, big data, and so much surveillance? Was there the Internet? None of it,
so it’s very difficult to find people.”
Audrey didn’t say anything; she was just quietly watching the performance of Matriarch Farrell.
After Matriarch Farrell finished speaking, Audrey said calmly, “My mother is not dead. I am my mother’s eldest daughter. The
position of head of the Farrell family will be passed on to me. It will not be your turn, let alone Shiloh’s. Oh, Shiloh is not a
bloodline of our Farrell family, and she’s not capable, and your biological daughter has been replaced for more than 20 years
without even knowing it.”
Matriarch Farrell’s face turned ugly.
She didn’t get angry at Audrey, but she regretted her original words: “When I gave birth to Kathryn, there was some turmoil in the
family. I had no choice but to deal with the family affairs with my weak body just after giving birth. I ignored Kathryn, so she was
taken advantage of by the former housekeeper.
In the past, babies were born at home. The former housekeeper had been a housekeeper for the Farrell family for many years.
He had a bad idea and easily exchanged my daughter for his daughter. The newborn babies were all the same. After I finished
processing, the turmoil was already a few days away.
When I saw the child again, I felt that the child seemed a little different. I thought it had been a few days, and the child was the
same every day. It was normal for the child to be a little different, so I didn’t get suspicious. I never imagined that my former
housekeeper would have such thoughts.
Audrey, it’s hard to be the head of a family. You have to worry about everything, inside and out. Yes, when my eldest sister was
alive, she trained you as her successor. That was also the tacit agreement of everyone in the family.”
Matriarch Farrell picked up the cup of tea and drank half of it. After moistening her throat, she continued: “Something happened
to my eldest sister, and my younger sister followed her. That year was a dark year for our Farrell family, and the sky is about to

Audrey, I took over as head of the family as a last resort. You must have heard clearly about our family’s business methods. A
big family cannot be without a leader. Our family has always been headed by a woman, and we are all direct descendants. The
first lineage cannot let the side branches take power; that’s how I came to power.
It’s not that I killed your parents because of her desire for power. They all died in accidents. It was an accident.”
Matriarch Farrell sighed: “Theoretically speaking, after I find your sisters, I won’t talk about your sister’s early death. I’ll just talk
about you and your daughter. You don’t even care about the Stone family anymore. You retire at home and take care of your old
age. Your eldest daughter-in-law gave you a little grandson, and from now on, you will always treat your grandson at home.
Are you still willing to take over the Farrell family’s affairs? The Farrell family is not as good as before. There are many problems,
both internally and externally. I’m old and can no longer handle it. I can only count on my successor.
If the Farrell family is returned to your hands, it will take you a long time to get started. In addition, you did not grow up in the
Farrell family and have been separated for decades. The old people of the past are either indifferent or dead. The younger
generation will not give you a face, and it will be difficult for you to get started.
Your daughter, Miss Elisa, is quite smart, but is she suitable to be the head of the family? Audrey, I just don’t want to cause
greater civil strife in the Farrell family, so I bite the bullet and continue to take care of these matters.”
Audrey poured herself a cup of tea. After drinking half the cup, she put down the cup, looked at Matriarch Farrell, and laughed,
“To be honest, I don’t want my mother’s descendants to inherit the position of head of the family.
I don’t intend to interfere with the Farrell family’s affairs. Elisa does not have this intention, but my mother is not the only
daughter. If I give up on my own initiative, my sister should take over. My sister is gone, and she has two daughters. Serenity
doesn’t have this time, but Liberty does, and Liberty also has that kind of mind and courage.
If Liberty gives up, it will be the turn of your bloodline. Now that you have been the head of the family for decades, we will not be
able to disrespect our elders and drag you down. But in taking over regarding people, will you allow Liberty and Kathryn to
receive the same training together?”

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