Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2503

After hearing what Brenda said, Carrie was stunned and said, “I went back, but I couldn’t get in. All the servants in the house
were replaced by Blind Camryn.
Not only did everyone change, but they also raised four big wolf dogs at home. I wanted to climb the door and get in, but the four
wolf dogs almost tore me apart. I was so scared that I ran away.
I see that she is no different than usual. She can move freely at home. I can’t tell whether she is really blind or pretending to be
blind. I asked her to open the door for me to go in. She said that she couldn’t see and that it was inconvenient to open the door. I
guess so. It’s not cured yet.”
Carrie continued: “My little aunt Azalea (Evelyn) took her everywhere to seek medical advice. It took ten years, but she couldn’t
cure her eyes. So, can Dr. Lilian Carden cure her eyes?
Although she’s a disciple of a miracle doctor. That’s the praise of the people who praise her. Even if there is a miracle doctor, the
miracle doctor is still a human being, not a god. So many doctors couldn’t cure her eyes, and she probably won’t be able to
regain her sight in this life.
So what if she can regain her sight? She can’t have children when she marries Callum. My mother told me that she wouldn’t be
able to have children in the future.
Don’t talk about rich families. Instead, talk about ordinary families. If she gets married and can’t have kids, she will end up getting
a divorce.”
Brenda and Amy looked at each other’s faces. Brenda asked Carrie, “How did your mother know that Camryn couldn’t have
Camryn was not married, so why couldn’t she have a baby?
Carrie: “I don’t know either. I was so angry at Camryn once. When I came to my mother to cry, my mother told me this. How did
my mother know that she couldn’t give birth? She didn’t say the reason, but my mother said that she couldn’t. She was my
mother’s child, so she must not be able to give birth. Doesn’t my mother know about her yet?”
Brenda said: “If she has a physical problem and is really unable to have children when she gets married, she will be kicked out of
the York family sooner or later. Look at Serenity not getting pregnant for a year after marrying into the York family. How many
people are talking about her behind her back? Will be kicked out.”

Carrie: “Is Serenity pregnant now?”
The first thing Carrie hated was her sister, and the second person she hated was Serenity. She also wanted to know how
Serenity was doing.
Brenda: “No news has come out about the York family yet, so she probably isn’t pregnant yet, but Zachary gave her a grand
wedding. They held the wedding only half a month ago. That wedding was in Wiltspoon. It was really unprecedented. It’s a grand
wedding, and I don’t know how many people are envious of it.”
Their family had gone bankrupt and had been kicked out of the rich circle. Naturally, they had no chance to attend the wedding.
They could only look at the long wedding caravan, and they couldn’t even inquire about the wedding.
When the two families were not bankrupt, they were not on the same level as the York family.
Now, even if they want to inquire about some information, those who have been with them will not tell them, and they don’t even
want to meet them.
They thought: Serenity was not yet pregnant, so there was no good news from the York family.
Carrie said bitterly, “Aunt Brenda, Aunt Amy, my parents, and I all went in because of Serenity’s meddling. If it weren’t for her, our
family wouldn’t be like this. If this happens, it won’t happen in my aunt Brenda’s and aunt Amy’s homes.
I hate Serenity so much!”
Brenda and Amy looked at each other’s faces again. Finally, Brenda said to Carrie, “Carrie, you are out now. Your second aunt,
Amy, and I are counting on you to take back everything in the Newman family so that our two families can hope to get together.
We will definitely do our best to help you fight with Camryn, but for Serenity, listen to my advice and tell her not to provoke her
again. You couldn’t fight her before, but you will fight her even more now.
Behind her are not only the York family but also the Stone family, the Lewis family, and even the Bucham family, who support her.
Any one of these big families can scare people to death.”

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