Married At First Sight By Gu Lingfei

Chapter 2505

After a moment of silence, Carrie said to the two aunts, “Aunt Brenda, aunt Amy, I have no place to go now, so I will stay here to
eat. When my cousins come back, I will let them accompany me. Wait for me to go back and help me beat the wolf dogs raised
by Camryn to death. When I get in, you will benefit from them.”
“Okay, then you just wait here for a while; after eating, wait until they get off work, and then they’ll go back with you.”
After hearing Carrie say that they would not be treated badly, the two aunts enthusiastically left Carrie.
“Carrie, what do you want to eat tonight? Tell me, I will go buy some groceries and cook it for you right now. But my cooking skills
are just average, so don’t dislike it then.”
Although the Newman family was not as rich as it is now, it was not poor either.
The two aunts and the others had never experienced hardship or poverty since they were born. When they grew up, the husband
they chose was a good match for their Newman family. They were not rich and powerful, but they had enough food and clothing
and had several small factories. Compared to ordinary people, they were considered wealthy.
Therefore, none of them are good at cooking because there is a cook at home, so they are not required to cook. They cook
occasionally, and the food they cook is just barely edible. Now that we have no money and need to be self-reliant, the two aunts
are responsible for preparing three meals a day for the family, so they can improve their cooking skills.
They were well aware of Carrie’s tricky tongue and were afraid that Carrie wouldn’t be able to get used to the food they cooked
and would become angry.
Their niece, Carrie, from her mother’s family, was not easy to coax; she was very willful and unruly. However, their brother and
sister-in-law love Carrie the most, and they had to please her as her aunts.
They had to please Carrie before, let alone now. Now the two families were counting on Carrie to take back everything of the
Newman family from Camryn so that the two families could make a comeback.
Their eldest brother was sentenced to more than ten years, and the eldest sister-in-law was sentenced to a suspended death
sentence. Carrie was only in her early twenties, and her only nephew was still in college. Both the nephew and the niece were
easy to coax as well. Carrie, the two of them could return to work at Newman’s Enterprise in the future.
They had to firmly hold Newman’s Enterprise in their own hands as long as they could return there in order to prevent Camryn, a
blind woman, from driving them out like she did before.

Carrie said, “Aunt Brenda, Aunt Amy, I am no longer the Carrie I used to be. Inside, do you think I am better off than you? Can I
eat as much as before? I won’t mind if I can eat now. “
When she first entered, she was not used to eating and was often hungry.
When she felt very hungry, she ate, and she got used to it as she ate.
When she was extremely hungry, she wished she could eat Camryn’s meat. If it weren’t for the blind woman, Camryn, she
wouldn’t have gone in.
Brenda said distressedly, “Carrie, you’ve suffered. It’ll be fine now that you’re out. Let’s be more careful in the future so that they
don’t catch us and send us in.”
Amy also sighed.
If their eldest brother hadn’t gone in, they wouldn’t have ended up like this.
When their natal family had no one to support them, they had a hard time with their husband’s family. Fortunately, their children
have grown up; otherwise, their husband’s family would kick them out because they were the ones who had caused trouble for
the Chandler family and the Joyner family.
Thinking of the attitude of their husband’s family towards them, Brenda and Amy felt resentful. In the past, both families had
benefited a lot from their natal family’s influence, but now that the head of their natal family has changed, they can no longer
benefit, and now the husband’s family blames them.
Fortunately, Carrie came out.
They were married women, or daughters, who had been married for decades. When they came back to compete for the
Newman family’s property, they couldn’t compete with Camryn.
But Carrie could.

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